Seeing the Full Potential of Print Possibilities

London, UK | 27 June 2022

Despite the ubiquitous use of digital content, consumers still prize the highly tactile and creative nature of attractive and well-designed print products as part of multiple cross-media channels. To meet expectations, the print industry is evolving extremely quickly as a demand for creativity, differentiation, sustainability, and efficiency continues to grow.

By utilising the latest technologies and print production processes, print businesses have the perfect opportunity to deliver solutions that are more personalised/customised, interactive, and create more impressive, immersive, and engaging experiences than ever before. With the world looking to progress, the possibilities for print businesses to grasp the commercial opportunities in the market are limitless and this is creating a more competitive market than ever before.

Seizing the Professional Print opportunities
At Konica Minolta we are passionate about Professional Print and have launched a new campaign to inspire the industry and help them to ‘See the Potential’. The print industry has entered a new era, one where the changing needs of customers means helping them to understand the fresh opportunities in a fast-changing world. Our mission is to promote the considerable benefits of digital transformation within the evolving commercial print, industrial and packaging markets.

The print industry is perfectly placed to bring stories and experiences to life through colourful, creative designs and detailed textures (embellishments and finishes) – something which most definitely separates print from digital content on a screen. This is something we need to do together to succeed, with print manufacturers, print providers, print customers, and the community all in unison on the creative and environmental benefits for the future.

Your Print Possibilities
Konica Minolta is committed to enabling print businesses to improve and grow, and we are working closely with businesses like yours across every sector, providing support and advice on how to maximise the opportunities and rise to the challenges. We want to inspire you to inject fresh creativity, design, and marketing into your business and to take this inspiration to your customers too.

Konica Minolta’s portfolio of hardware, software and services has been designed to ignite possibilities for our customers. This includes helping you to find efficiencies, boost productivity, and increase versatility, freeing businesses to maximise profits and ensure a clear competitive advantage.  Whatever your business objectives or market segment (be it commercial print and publication, packaging and label converting, in-plant and transactional, or graphical and sign production) – we are here as your trusted advisor and partner.

By working with Konica Minolta, we will help you to discover a range of benefits by embracing digital transformation and the new era of print. These include:
  • Productivity – Get the most out of your print facility by producing more jobs per shift and maximising your market opportunities.
  • Efficiency – Automate and optimise your workflow, spending time only where it is really required and optimising production.
  • Sustainability – Reduce manual processes and automate production steps to reduce material and waste.
  • Diversity – Invest in the future to stand out from your competitors, with new and varied applications to secure your business.
  • Creativity – Maximise your impact, with colour, personalisation, embellishment, and interactive technologies to ensure you stand out from the competition.
  • Loyalty – Create trust and build long-lasting relationships with your customers through positive experiences.

Embrace the transformation now
The print market is converging, so you may need to consider new segments you can expand your offering into, of finding new ways to become more cost-effective and business agile – in some cases literally ‘thinking outside the box’!

Konica Minolta has a proven track record of ensuring our partners succeed through the breadth and depth of our expertise and solutions. We pride ourselves on having industry-leading engineering R&D and in offering the most comprehensive of support. We know the print industry inside out, making Konica Minolta the perfect partner to accompany you through every stage of your journey into the new era of print. Let’s work together to truly ‘See the Potential’ and ensure your print business is leading the way!  

About the author

Jon Hiscock

Jon Hiscock is the Head of Production & Industrial Print at Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK, where he is responsible for the entire portfolio of Hardware, Solutions and Services. He leads the Direct sales teams for Commercial Print, Industrial Print, and Central Communications, along with the Indirect Partner Channel Sales and Support Services teams. Jon has a passion for the Print industry that dates back to the start of his career in print sales in the mid 90's. Jon takes pride in building, developing, and leading these teams and helping them to succeed in the fast-paced world of print, bringing added value to the business, partners, and customers.