Rachel Lake Finds the Path to Success at Konica Minolta

| 17 October 2022

Rachel Lake joined Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd in 2016, through its apprenticeship programme, a structured initiative that supports the recruitment of trainee Service Technicians. Qualifying in 2017 and the first woman to complete the course, Rachel is today a successful Service Technician, helping businesses to get the most from their Konica Minolta devices.

Why did you choose to join Konica Minolta as an apprentice and what was your experience?


I was approached by a job recruiter who mentioned this role to me. I had worked with computers and had done IT courses in school and college, but it was different to anything else I had been applying for and I wasn’t sure if my CV would be good enough. I enjoy troubleshooting but had no previous experience, so I really was learning from scratch.

What has been your journey with Konica Minolta?

I started on the apprenticeship programme in May 2016 which includes a combination of practical courses, exams and completing a trainee logbook. Exams included product training, colour basics and digital basics. These were completed alongside courses which included basic network and scanning, hardware essentials (faults with machines and disassembly and reassembly), as well as how to use the service manual correctly. My trainee logbook was completed when out on calls with my team leader and senior engineers and I occasionally still refer to it if I come across a fault I have not seen before. As part of the apprenticeship programme, we also got to experience what other departments do. For example, I spent a week helping out with a workshop. I completed my trainee assessment in June 2017 and was the first female engineer to have completed the apprenticeship programme.

How has your apprenticeship prepared you for your current role?

I feel that the apprenticeship programme prepared me for being a Service Technician, as the syllabus covered everything I would need to know and more. I did struggle to begin with, as I had never done a job like this. I had very little experience with the tools I now use every day, but I feel that there was a lot of support from not only the training team but also the engineers I work with. Attending jobs with my team leader and senior engineers meant I got to see how to provide the very best support to our customers and what issues I may come across out in the field.

What is the scope of your current role at Konica Minolta?

Currently as a Service Technician my role includes responding to and completing calls in a certain time frame, carrying out repairs and completing my all call procedure, and dealing with customers either over the phone or face to face.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others and what advice would you give?

I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship program to new trainees, although it was difficult at times and it is a lot of information, the combination of courses, exams and field accompaniment really gives you the confidence and knowledge to provide the customers with the best service you can give them.