Putting People at the Heart of Konica Minolta’s New Enhanced Partner Programme

| 14 February 2023

The newly enhanced Partner Programme from Konica Minolta will deliver enhanced levels of value, service, and support. Its goal is to enable growth, profitability, and success for its partners and customers. Here, Rod Heaton, Professional Print Channel Manager (Indirect) at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd explains how increasing access to teams of specialists will benefit everyone involved.

At Konica Minolta we are very serious about our Partner Programme, and specifically about supporting our partners in achieving their aspirational goals and helping them to effectively sell our equipment and solutions to customers. Ultimately, it’s as simple as that – helping our partners to increase their sales, to deliver the best solutions and value for money to customers, and to grow our joint business together – truly a win-win situation for everyone involved.

We aren’t just paying lip service to this either. We have put in place a team of specialists who really understand the technology but also the commercial and practical pressures that people in the print industry face. Behind this team we have another layer of specialists who are available to answer even the most complicated or technical of questions to ensure no challenge goes unanswered. All of these resources are in place for one ultimate goal – to ensure our partners are successful. If our partners are successful then we are too, it is as simple as that!

So how do we facilitate this additional level of support? Whilst it’s all about adding people into the mix, it is also about ensuring they are available whenever required and that is where web-based technologies come to the fore. To ensure our partners have access to the right expert people at the right time, we are using web-based technology to reduce the number of touchpoints and thereby streamlining the process to make this assistance even more effective and user friendly.

We know that one of the strongest dynamics in business is that people sell to people. By putting these additional support people in place, it means nobody is waiting an inordinate amount of time to get the assistance and resources they need. This ensures that our partners can concentrate on delivering the best service and support to customers, safe in the knowledge that expert advice is just a click or tap of a screen away.

Naturally this support has many practical applications. For instance, if it's a product demonstration for example, we have allocated additional resources to help our partners deliver everything required to impress the customer. If it's a development programme, the Konica Minolta team will visit a customer with our partner to help assess their needs, such as evaluating a workflow or looking at the equipment that they currently use to see if it meets their needs. If we have a specialist on hand, it is also much easier for them to reach out to other associated teams and to get them involved as well if required. Having these layers of experts on hand to help makes a considerable difference to problem-solving.

Konica Minolta has some very exciting solutions and hardware products that help end users to be more productive and to make the most of the market opportunities out there. Combined with the additional support of our enhanced Partner Programme, you can be a key part of embracing that

success, enabling the print industry as a whole to evolve, grow, and thrive. As the old saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so why not sign up to the enhanced Konica Minolta Partner Programme and help us to help you be even more successful!