Looking ahead at Konica Minolta

London, UK | 8 April 2022

Rob Ferris, CEO of Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd, discusses the need for flexibility and adaptability as we move into the next financial year.

The beginning of a new financial year gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months, as well as to plan for the future. At Konica Minolta, we’ve just announced our strategy for this new financial year and beyond.
Over the past few weeks, it has been fantastic to meet so many of our colleagues in person, and for the first time in two years the cities across the UK are busy as we all embrace the challenge of “living and working with Covid”. However, now more than ever, I feel it is important to ensure we don’t regress into some of the less productive pre-pandemic behaviours.

How do we learn from the past two years?

As we reflect on the recent past, we must learn what we can from our disruptors, as it will make us stronger for the future. We must make sure we don’t head to the office just because it’s a Wednesday but rather, we consciously think about the outcomes we want/need to achieve individually and collectively. The value of getting together in person to innovate and collaborate is undeniable. This must be encouraged and embraced. However, travelling for hours to an office to just sit and work at a screen, or to feel it’s important to be visibly ‘physically present’ is not logical or in-keeping with what we have learnt from how we have worked.


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I am so proud to be leading Konica Minolta in the UK, where we embrace and encourage true “choice” based working; empowering all colleagues to own the decision of where they work based on how they feel they can be most productive and deliver the desired outcomes.

Rob Ferris

CEO of Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd

Obviously, there is a balance with this as some of the roles across our organisation can only be achieved in certain locations/facilities, and we must always assess the needs of our customers and partners at every step. I do feel that the phrase “work is what you do, not where you are” is more relevant to us all now in 2022 than ever before. 
In a world that seems to be increasingly more volatile and uncertain, having the individual and collective flexibility to adapt at speed is essential.
Improved business resilience and success will come through consciously making decisions that are right for today and the future, not through being anchored to assumptions and behaviours from the past.
In late March, I had the great opportunity to lead our UK kick-off event for the new financial year. This was an opportunity to reflect and recognise the exceptional commitment and resilience demonstrated by all my colleagues across the UK throughout this last year and to share our plans for growth and success in 2022 and beyond. It was an event that had consciously been planned as a virtual event and this provided a much bigger positive impact than had been originally expected. With the significant increase in covid cases in recent weeks, a physical event would have been materially impacted. However, even though 70% of the presenters were suffering from the current variant of the virus, along with many of the those attending, the event was able to run seamlessly. It was a day that gave us all energy and motivation for the year ahead.
Planning for the future means understanding and learning from the past
Essential to our success in  FY22, and beyond, is the need to constantly learn and evolve. Only by learning from our experiences, will we be in a better position to tackle the next challenge head on.
We have faced more than our share of challenges in the last year but the teamwork demonstrated by the UK team to get through these difficult periods has been truly inspiring.
It is this collective strength and belief that gives me huge motivation and excitement for the future.
As we continue to live and work with covid and adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape, I am committed to ensuring Konica Minolta thrives as a business and provides a working environment in which everyone can reach their potential.
We have a number of exciting opportunities to join our team so why not have a look at Konica Minolta Careers to see if the next chapter in your career is here.