150 years of Konica Minolta — and that's just the beginning


We've been 150 years of progress, innovation, and reinvention. We're so grateful to all our customers and employees who made it possible. 


We, the employees at Konica Minolta, are celebrating this milestone birthday — and are glowing with pride. We work for a company that has been striving to develop new technologies and innovative solutions since 1873 and successfully and sustainably implements these solutions for its customers.

1873 — three years before Alexander Graham Bell filed his patent for the telephone, and six years before Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric light bulb. Our story began when Rokusaburo Sugiura opened a small specialist shop for photographic and lithographic products in Tokyo. Now, 150 years later, more than 40,000 people around the world are working passionately to make Konica Minolta the market leader among technology and managed service providers — by providing the best portfolio and services to help you achieve success.

Our company has continued to change over many generations and through turbulent times, as the world around Konica Minolta has also undergone tremendous changes. Together, we want to continue to be a force for successful change and accompany you on your way to a digital future. In 2023, we have once again set our sights on forging new paths and generating new and sustainable values.

For you, for us — and also for Rokusaburo Sugiura.




Facts, figures and dates

What is Konica Minolta's market share? What environmental measures is the company pursuing? Find out more in our facts and figures.

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