Creating a Safe and Secure Environment for the new Academic Year with Intelligent Video Solutions

Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Video Solutions can help education providers and establishments to create a safe environment for its staff and students.

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Whilst students and teaching staff enjoy a greatly anticipated summer break, schools, academies, colleges, and universities have the perfect opportunity to take stock of their facilities management requirements before the new academic year starts in September.

Along with the opportunity to assess the provision of core systems such as the IT network or making repairs or updates to facilities, many educational establishments will need to think about the continued provision of safety and security for people and property for the year ahead. Now is the perfect time to be considering the impressive benefits of using Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) to ensure a safe environment for learning and teaching.

An intelligent approach
IVS enables a fully integrated approach to operating and managing video systems that is suitable for any school, academy, college, or university. Fully automated, it delivers alerts on people safety and the status of property 24/7, providing a full and detailed audit record as well as immediate notification of any potential issues as they happen.
At Konica Minolta wie have extensive experience and expertise in these intelligent solutions, combining visual, thermal, sound, and sensor data to better protect any educational environment. Our IVS range utilises Konica Minolta’s market-leading MOBOTIX cameras, which have a well-deserved reputation for being the most robust cameras in the industry, to provide highly durable, IoT-enabled devices that deliver exceptional image quality and data analysis.

Powerful and flexible monitoring applications
Konica Minolta’s IVS systems use a cloud-based approach to ensure that your management/security team has full visibility at any time from any location. Feeds from all the networked cameras at the site (or across multiple sites if required) can be viewed via a link to any secured mobile device or laptop/computer. Alerts or updates are immediately sent straight to all authorised operators (as an alarm, text, or email), who can trigger further investigations and check both live or recorded footage.
These flexible and powerful Intelligent Video Solutions have many potential practical applications within an educational establishment, with popular uses including:
  • Perimeter protection (the first line of defence against intruders),
  • Visitor management (visitor checks, logging, and tracking),
  • Classroom and building entry management,
  • Building and desk occupancy or utilisation management,
  • Corridor, courtyard, or playground monitoring,
  • Temperature, power, and environmental monitoring to detect potential fire sources or wated resource usage.

Reliable protection
These intelligent systems are ideal for a wide variety of automated services including checking occupancy numbers to safeguard people, and monitoring for emergency situations such as a fire using state-of-the-art thermal imagery - which can detect these threats from up to 3 miles (5km) away, making it perfect for monitoring outlying grounds as well as buildings.
Using the latest 360° technology, one camera can also cover a considerable field of vision all at once, recording all the details for alerts or situational analysis. When networked with a number of cameras and combined with intelligent systems to cover multiple locations and sites, this approach makes it possible to effectively deliver all the protection benefits of having a full-time operator but without the drawbacks - such as the limited effective attention span of humans and the associated cost overheads.
These cameras are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring maximum coverage as required. This is also a very cost-efficient solution, with one 360° camera able to do the job of several fixed (or even pan/tilt/zoom) cameras.
These IVS systems are also designed to make installation and commissioning simple, straightforward, and reliable for any school, academy, college, or university campus. Featuring a highly secure decentralised network of hardware and software components, Konica Minolta’s IVS solutions are optimised for remote applications and cloud-based operations. They use the existing Wi-Fi system, with low bandwidth requirements that ease network pressure without compromising image quality and feature onboard storage in the cameras in case there are any interruptions to the network.

Multiple uses deliver better value
A combination of an intelligent system and the right camera in the right place means that what was once just a security purchase now adds a lot more value.
Thermal Imaging Cameras for instance can check for abnormalities on the campus (such as a potential fire or furniture/equipment being unexpectedly moved), along with potential intruders during night-time or low light conditions (using Moonlight Technology for unprecedented image quality). IVS systems are also perfect for monitoring secure access areas and license plate recognition to ensure unauthorised individuals/vehicles are detected and an alert raised if required.
These systems can be used to anonymously count people in crowded spaces to prevent overcrowding, or indeed to count objects to ensure property remains where it should be. On top of this, they are still an excellent way to protect people from danger and property from vandalism and theft.

An automated member of your team
The ethos behind Konica Minolta’s IVS is a simple one – helping education providers to make the optimum use of technology for safety and security without it being obtrusive. Think of it as a computer with eyes, a highly intelligent system which helps to manage the complex needs of a school or college but is also highly cost-effective.
Additional cameras can be rapidly deployed as required, with hardware being shipped to site (or multiple sites) for installation by your school/college’s facilities and IT team. Once physically installed it is a quick and easy process to connect everything wirelessly and to configure the appropriate functions for your exact requirements. Konica Minolta's IVS delivers a full end-to-end solution: from hallway to playground, or playing field to car park, everything is protected.
With the considerable pressures of running a school, academy, college, or university, the ability to automate elements of the safety and security function reliably and suitably will always be invaluable. Konica Minolta’s innovative and powerful but highly cost efficient and easy to use IVS systems, backed up by a friendly expert support team, are the perfect way of giving students, staff, and facilities the protection they need around the clock.
To learn more about how Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Video Solutions can help your educational establishment, or to book a demonstration, please visit our IVS dedicated solution page.
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