Ensuring Your Business IT Systems are Fully Secure and Compliant

There is no time like the present for ensuring your IT infrastructure is fully secure and prepared for the rapidly growing demands of your customers.

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You have probably heard a lot about ‘Digital Transformation’ – the adoption of digital technology within an organisation or business to improve business efficiency, value, and innovation. These potential benefits for your business speak for themselves, but it is vital that when you choose to adopt these new systems that it is done safely, with due consideration of the security and compliance needs that must be met to protect you, your team, and your customers/stakeholders.

Unless your core operation is as an IT specialist, your business will probably find it a significant challenge to keep a constant eye on the state of your technology systems, particularly on maintaining the right levels of security and ensuring your compliance regime is free of potentially damaging weaknesses and risks (both reputational and financial).

Most certainly you are not alone. According to a recent survey we commissioned from leading analyst Keypoint Intelligence, 48% of the 550 SMBs surveyed across the UK and Mainland Europe regarding their current major Digital & IT challenges cited security and data protection as their primary challenge. Worryingly, 67% of respondents reported that their company has experienced a malware incident in the last two years.

If your team operates remotely as part of a hybrid working model (which has become particularly popular since the pandemic) then it is understandable that your concerns may well be further amplified. With many workers using a combination of business/personal devices and a domestic internet connection (often with only basic of security in place) it is important that you have peace of mind that vital data is fully protected, and potential issues fully mitigated.

Ensuring your security

If this sounds daunting, don’t panic! The best way to ensure your IT and data security is up to scratch is to speak to Konica Minolta as your trusted IT partner. We are a well-established IT expert provider with a broad team of IT professionals that are perfectly placed to help you ensure your systems are fit for purpose.

Our professional team of expert consultants can help define and implement an individual security and compliance services to give you comprehensive protection with sound advice and we also understand the commercial needs of your business and that technology is an enabler rather than the focus of your organisation.

To put your business firmly on the road to removing IT risk and ensuring security, here are some of our services we recommend you start with:

IT Security Check List

  • Risk and protection needs analysis
  • Creation (or revision) of your security strategy
  • Implementation of information security processes
  • Establishment or expansion of authorisation management, encryption, or mobile device control
  • Employee education through an awareness campaign
  • Verification of your systems through penetration tests to ascertain their current suitability
  • Completion of our free but comprehensive IT Health Check Assessment

Information Security Check List

  • Risk and protection need analysis to define your information that requires protecting
  • Definition of information security and data compliance guidelines
  • Implementation of information security processes
  • Establishment or expansion of authorisation management, terminal device security solutions, encryption, or mobile device control
  • Implementation of solutions that provide an overview of personal data and comply with the reporting obligations of the GDPR
  • An awareness campaign to sensitise employees to the safe handling of information
  • Completion of our free but comprehensive IT Health Check Assessment

This is just a flavour of the full IT support we can offer your business to ensure it continues to deliver the service and standards you need. Why not test your IT resilience by completing the Konica Minolta IT & Compliance Health Check assessment to help you discover your IT performance and weakness – when you do so you will also receive a free presentation report of the findings and recommendations from our IT experts.


Don’t let IT or data risks halt your business

​Over 90% of the IT environments we tested last year had serious IT and data vulnerabilities and risks. Despite IT and data being the backbone and lifeblood of almost every business today, UK businesses are simply too exposed to IT failure and data risks.

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