6 Reasons why it’s time to visit The Print Show

Visit Konica Minolta at The Print ShowVisitors at The Print Show 2017 are amazed by Konica Minolta’s Integrated Color Care Unit (IQ 501) and Color Care server.

The combination of the BLI award winning AccrioPress C6100 and integrated IQ 501, upgrades your overall performance with an unparalleled image quality that is automated and consistently reliable.

We demonstrated the new colour management system to a vast number of print service providers and the feedback was consistently outstanding.

The benefits of which were highlighted thought out the day included:

1. The IQ 501 will add a closed loop control of your colour outputs. This colour management system will safeguard your business and your brand integrity.

2. Monitoring the colour and registration, to recalibrate on the fly to reduce delays.

3. Reduces make ready times from an industry norm to around 5 minutes. Maximises efficiencies and ultimately reduces spoilage and additional costs.

4. Registration and Fogra accredited colour output within 3 sheets. Konica Minolta technology will help you achieve ISO standards to upsell your business services and approach previously untouchable markets with high colour requirements.

5. Delivers accurate and consistent registration for both inline finishing and offline finishing, again reducing make ready times, adding valuable cost benefits in terms of both in labour and materials.

6. Removes colour inconsistency and helps towards both retaining and delivering business into new markets. You will now be able to comfortably compete at the highest level of digital print quality in new business partnerships, maximising your return on investment.

There is still time to register for The Print Show. Please register at: http://bit.ly/2xJ4R1f.

For more information on the AccrioPress C6100 and integrated IQ 501, please visit: https://simplyefficient.konicaminolta.co.uk.

Dave Gully is Product Marketing Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK.

Email: dave.gully@konicaminolta.co.uk

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