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Workplace Go builds on the market leading Microsoft Office 365 collaborative suite. Konica Minolta's collaboration software unites all features for personal organisation, productivity, communication, collaboration with internal and external colleagues and social networking in one platform. The Workplace Go powerful applications concentrates all information in one collaboration platform and at the command of the user.


Key Features

Once installed, Workplace Go is a configurable digital workplace that is able to deliver all the information and tools employees need to perform better and organise their information especially –but not exclusively – when working in a team.


Workplace Go onsists of four elements to help you work smarter:


  • My Home - your news feed, company news/events

  • My Board - aggregating all your individual information needed to manage your working day, such as tasks, recent emails, next events, documents etc.

  • My Teams – your team collaboration tool for grouping all the projects, the teams or communities you belong to

  • My Company - creates a landing page for generic corporate information or a more sophisticated corporate intranet covering all the different departmental needs depending on the size of your business

How Workplace Go help?


  • Makes tasks more focused and work more agile by structuring everything around projects and specific teams

  • Improves communication and collaboration between teams due to social networking, co-authoring and instant messaging

  • Connects people, teams and departments with one collaboration tool

  • Cloud based services are available from any devices, with the highest security standards, giving you access to your digital collaboration workspace anytime, anywhere



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5 Tips for improving collaboration

Email and boardroom meetings are no longer our primary methods for business communication. Therefore, organisations need to find other ways to foster collaboration and productivity.

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