Webinar: Rethink Work - SMS for Critical Comms


One of a series of webinars focused on changing how we work long-term and adapt to the 'new normal'. All organisations need an effective way to ensure critical information can be sent quickly and securely to those that need it.

Whether you need to communicate with staff working remotely or on the road, with customers, citizens or patients, SMS is the most effective way to issue important information and do so confident it will be read and be read quickly. It is far more effective than email, and sending bulk and personalised messages is easy to do via a web browser or email. Automated text message capability can also be integrated with your existing software systems.


Join this webinar to understand:

  • how quickly an SMS solution can be deployed and why SMS is the most effective way to issue important information

  • how easy our solution is to use

  • the benefits SMS can deliver to your organisation

  • how other organisations have successfully used SMS to improve communication across their organisation



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Jeanette has over 20 years’ experience in Enterprise sales with a specific focus on the delivery of successful SMS solutions.

Jeanette Fennell

Unified Communications Account Manager, Konica Minolta UK