Webinar: Rethink Work Accounts Payable Transformation

WED 27 MAY, 11AM

One of a series of webinars focused on changing how we work long-term and adapt to the 'new normal'. This webinar will look at how you can get additional support processing invoices, whether you need to clear a backlog or supplement your existing team and processes.


We will introduce the concept of Accounts Payable As A Service, and specifically:

  • how it works

  • how it is costed

  • the benefits it can deliver

  • how it can be deployed


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Roy has over 30 years’ experience supporting delivery of information management solutions that support growth and agility.

Roy Soper

Business Consultant, Konica Minolta UK

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Stephen has worked in the data capture industry for over 25 years, from design to delivery with a focus on process automation.

Stephen Delve

Pre-Sales Consultant, Konica Minolta UK