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Digital transformation is rewriting operating landscapes across all businesses across the energy and resources sector.  The benefits of going digital when aligned to objectives such as increased productivity, safer operations, and cost savings can be an powerful tool for organisations to become industry leaders.

Building an understanding of current digital trends to bring together people, processes and technology to see tangible benefits is key to selecting the right solutions and accelerating transformation.  Upskilling people, changing work culture and understanding where and which digital technologies can significantly boost the sustainability and efficiency of operations are critical to creating a successful digital roadmap.

At Konica Minolta we work in partnership to build a solution tailored to organisational needs which is vital to gain competitive advantage, increase efficiency, boost productivity and to build a more connected supply chain with partners, suppliers and most importantly customers. An intelligently connected workplace results in reduce costs and increased profitability.

Our technology solutions are designed build bridges in your organisation, between suppliers, employees and your customers.

Collaboration Tools

Today’s work force demand agility and flexibility. Our secure cloud services and collaboration tools allows improved communication, document management and organisation from any location and device.

Enhanced Security

Increased productivity, safer operations, and cost savings are achievable with data analytics, automation and continuous optimisation. Our expert consultants will work in partnership and be there with you through our discovery audit, project implementation with ongoing support once you are live.


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Key Benefits

Collaboration, productivity and cost savings


Utilise the power of data collected by the organisation to improve decision making.



Digitalised workflows, cloud and collaboration tools lead to better working relationships from greater efficiency and communications.



Business operations always remain compliant and active, and important company data is less vulnerable to external threats.



Operations remain active, with less downtime and inconvenience that could lead to a drop in productivity.



Operations scale to suit different requirements, meeting changing demands with agility and purpose.



Fluid workstyles allow employees to access data and continue working securely from anywhere at any time.



Output increases from being able to work wherever employees are based in a more fluid and efficient manner.



Increased efficiency, by reducing an organization’s physical footprint and wastage.



Leaner work processes improve profitability and eliminate the need for capital expenditures.


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The workplace is changing. Static desks are going the way of the scrapyard and being replaced by flexible, digital workplaces. In a world where everyone has a smartphone and the continued rise of the Internet of Things, information needs to be easily accessible from any device or location.

Intelligent automation is redefining what’s possible today


For decades, business strategists have explored the role that innovation plays in ensuring business success. This has become particularly true in the era of digital transformation, where increased complexity, rapid change and new competitors get in the way of using technology to its fullest.



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