CS Remote Care

Remote Monitoring For Maximized Performance

Remote Monitoring For Maximized Performance


With the CS Remote Care system, data is relayed in real-time to our service management system. Advising the service team about routine maintenance that's required, or to rectify a technical problem. 

Providing State of the art machine to machine communication between bizhub devices and the service team. It's possible to trigger automated services like the delivery of consumables, and to carry our tasks remotely including firmware and device settings. 

Using a remote panel, we can provide you with guidance and instructions remotely. The web portal also provides a user-friendly web interface with information about devices status and reporting. 

The CS Remote Care will ensure maximized system availability and minimal downtime, increasing your productivity. 

How To Ensure Remote Care (CSRC) Works Efficiently

Orders created via the Remote Care facility will take approximately 3 to 5 working days to be delivered. When an order is being processed all stock levels will be inspected by CSRC, and if any other stock levels are low, these will be replenished at the same time. Please use our Ebiz portal to ensure your stock levels reflect accurately. If there are any incorrect stock levels you can amend these via the portal

  • You will receive a notification on the display of your machine advising you that your toner is empty. When you receive this message, you should replace the toner from your stock.
  • It is important you do not remove the toner bottle, shake it and put it back into the machine. If you change the toner before the bottle is empty or put a used bottle back into your machine, the Remote Care facility will not restock your toners at the correct time.
  • Do not share your consumable stock if you have multiple devices. Depending upon the set up, each of your devices is allocated their own CS Remote Care Pool. This must stay allocated to the correct device as this will interfere with your stock levels and the Remote Care facility will not restock your toners at the correct time.

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