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Revolutionize Your Printing Workflow with Printix: Effortless Cloud-Managed Printing for Efficiency and Savings

Printix Cloud Print Management Service is a cloud-based multi-tenant subscription service especially designed and structured to provide a complete cloud-managed print infrastructure and secure printing environment, that guarantees efficiency, productivity and cost savings. No on-premise servers and databases are required. It runs with Printix Client software installed on users’ computers (Windows and Mac).

Flexible and scalable

Benefit from a better, easier, more robust and flexible way of printing.


Ease of use and administration
Improve employee productivity with simplified administration and an intuitive user experience.


Maximize value with expanded portfolio
Complementary to on-premises Kofax ControlSuite™ solution for cloud printing capabilities.



Eliminate Print Servers

Printix is for IT organizations, who are dedicated to implementing an all-cloud strategy and looking to transition their print infrastructure to a cloud service. We make it possible for customers to install, use and maintain a cloud-managed printing environment quickly, efficiently, and, perhaps most importantly without owning a print server. The Printix multi-tenant public cloud solution drastically simplifies the provisioning, management and control of printers and drivers from a cloud-based portal.

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Simplify Print Administration

Apart from minimizing the on-premise IT infrastructure to support printing, Printix helps IT managers avoid the hassle and minimize costs typically associated with printing and maintaining a print environment. Printix removes the administrative complexities involved in managing diverse hardware, software, computer operating systems and vendor-specific printer requirements. Orchestrating and automating routine admin tasks, Printix helps discover, define and configure print queues and drivers and automatically distribute the setup, to keep your print environment running and up to date

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Optimize Cloud Integration and Implementation

Microsoft Azure, and other cloud computing platforms, allows businesses to be more efficient and printing should be one of the most basic business processes, to be simplified with the cloud. Printix is seamlessly integrated with Azure AD and Google Workspace authentication to enable a true cloud workplace with Single Sign-On via Office 365 or Google Workspace. Deploying Printix is made easy with Microsoft EndPoint Manager, or any other software deployment tool that supports Microsoft Installer (MSI)

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Serverless Architecture
Eliminate print servers and create a secure, cloud managed print infrastructure

Supports all Network Printers
Independent and multi-vendor support. Print to any printer from any device

Simplify Print Management
Simple to manage and easy to deploy. Automatic updates and self-service provisioning

Capture and workflow
Deliver scanned documents from printer or phone to common workflow destinations

Improve Productivity
Intelligent print driver selection and print queue installation by location, group or self-service

Central Management Console
Centrally manage printers and users. Visual analytics to help transform data into insight



Printix Solution Overview

Cloud-based print infrastructure and secure printing
Make printing a part of your cloud-first strategy. Say goodbye to print servers and hello to an automated print infrastructure. Printix supports Single Sign-On with Microsoft Azure AD and can be deployed with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Our powerful cloud technology is scalable by design and can handle any number of users and printers. Printix gives you flexible, secure and mobile printing, and you can automate print driver and queue management and eliminate the need for a print server.

Printix Cloud Print Management

The missing piece to complete your cloud migration
Our powerful cloud technology and innovative client technology is scalable by design and can handle any number of users and printers.

Modern Cloud Printing

Top reasons to complete your cloud migration with Printix
Printing is automated and maintained via the Printix cloud service. No print servers, zero overhead for IT administrators and significant savings for your bussiness.