Multi-location Printing

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Instant access to all your devices with central print management

Every organisation big or small will always be looking to increase employee productivity. But keeping this at a consistently high level can be challenging. Multi-location printing gives your employees the ability to print and copy documents from any location. By connecting all your print devices you gain the efficiency and flexibility needed to keep up with the competition. And you can meet even the most demanding of clients' expectations.

Multi-location printing systems let you manage your entire print environment centrally. So files needed for an urgent meeting can be sent from one location to another in seconds. Print jobs can be submitted from any location, and with the data transferred quickly, you can reduce the time spent writing emails. All of which improves collaboration and speeds up communication.

But it's not just a 'quick fix' to raise productivity - it's also secure. Confidential corporate files aren't accessed or copied by unauthorised personnel and you can assign a PIN, username, password or ID to each staff member in the print infrastructure. You can also control the amount of paper used and analyse the printing habits of your employees.

Multi-location Printing

Multi-location Printing

Take total control of your printing environment

A scalable and flexible solution to make your print environment more efficient. Enable your team to submit and release print jobs from any location. And you can make your print environment more secure with pre-defined scan destinations and by limiting access to confidential documents.

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Want the ultimate in print performance? Our office hardware are industry benchmarks, with devices offering revolutionary colour image quality, ultra-high-speed black-and-white output and pro-quality inline finishing options.

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Explore the countless different ways in which our software products could improve your operations. We have a range of mobile print software solutions to match the needs of your company.

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Key Features

Multi-location printing is a powerful feature for any business looking to achieve greater flexibility and faster staff communication. There's no need for manual file transfers or time-consuming e-mail communications. Our print server lets you send a document for printing in one location while simultaneously receiving a copy in another. 



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Multi-location printing

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