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Enhance productivity with Centralised Multi-Location Printing

Experience enhanced productivity and streamlined efficiency with our multi-location printing solution. Empower your employees to print and copy documents from any location, ensuring instant access to all your devices. With centralised print management, you can swiftly transfer files between locations, optimise collaboration, and accelerate communication. Rest easy knowing that our secure system safeguards confidential corporate files with assigned PINs, usernames, passwords, or IDs. Take control of paper usage and gain valuable insights into your employees' printing habits. Elevate productivity while maintaining utmost security and meeting client expectations.
here are some of the key features that make us stand out:

Flexible Printing Anywhere:
Enable employees to print and copy documents from any location

Efficient Central Management:
Swiftly transfer files and optimise collaboration across multiple locations

Enhanced Security Measures:
Safeguard confidential files with assigned PINs, usernames, passwords, or IDs

Why We Are a Leader Among Managed Print Services

Benefits Of Our Multi-Location Printing Solution

Streamlined printing across multiple locations for improved efficiency

Centralised management for better control and coordination of printing activities

Cost savings through optimised resource utilization and reduced duplication

Consistent branding and quality standards across all locations

Enhanced scalability to accommodate varying printing needs across different sites

Simplified workflows and collaboration between geographically dispersed teams

Features Of Our Multi-Location Printing Solution

Device Hardware

Most Konica Minolta devices are equipped with HDD (hard disk) and super-reliable central memory safety mechanisms, ensuring confidential data and other sensitive corporate information are is always protected. Konica Minolta provides the highest level of security, with ISO 15408 Common Criteria Certification.

Device Software

Discover how our software can revolutionise your business operations. With tailored solutions for every industry and work style, our software prioritises your needs to solve your company's unique challenges. Our software offerings include cost-effective printing and copying solutions, advanced security measures to safeguard sensitive documents, and much more. Count on us to deliver reliable and sophisticated software solutions for even the most demanding organisations.

Bizhub Secure

Konica Minolta has developed bizhub SECURE to provide customers with the resources required to protect any information on bizhub’s internal hard drive. After determining its customers’ specific needs, Konica Minolta configures a range of the MFP’s security features – so keeping any data, documents and information related to the MFP completely secure.

Information security

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