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Unlock Efficient Printing with Equitrac® Print Management

In the digital age, printing need not be complicated. Discover how Kofax Equitrac® streamlines print management, unlocking cost savings, enhancing network security, and ensuring compliance, so your organization can embrace the future of work today. Our Equitrac Express® print management software empowers schools to efficiently manage print usage, allocate expenses, and encourage responsible printing while minimizing waste.

With seamless integration and embedded software compatibility, Equitrac Express simplifies printer monitoring, enhances document security, and promotes convenience. Explore how Equitrac Express transforms printing for schools, making it both efficient and eco-friendly.

Expense reduction and compliance:
Equitrac Express® helps reduce printing expenses while ensuring compliance with policies and regulations.

Responsible printing promotion:
The software encourages responsible printing behaviors, reducing waste, and promoting sustainability in your organization

Efficient, secure, and convenient printer monitoring:
Equitrac Express simplifies printer monitoring, enhancing efficiency, document security, and user convenience through seamless integration and embedded software

Why Konica Minolta for Print Management?

Elevate Document Security with Secure Print-to-Me Technology

Enhance your document security with our Secure Print-to-Me feature. We provide user-based authentication and access controls through mobile devices, touchscreens, and card readers on multifunctional devices (MFDs).

This ensures that your sensitive documents remain confidential and are only accessible by authorized users, adding an extra layer of protection to your print management process. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is secure with our cutting-edge technology.

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Optimize Workflows and Expense Management with Print Tracking

Harness the power of usage tracking and print-release rules to cut hard print and labor costs, and boost workforce efficiency. Equitrac Professional's embedded software seamlessly integrates with widely deployed multifunction printers (MFPs) across professional service firms. Experience a range of benefits, from control panel or touchscreen use to full print tracking, cost recovery, and automated expense allocation.

Achieve mobility with secure document printing and streamline document management with searchable and editable formats. Plus, optimize costs by redirecting print jobs efficiently and meet court-filing requirements with PDF/A output. Elevate productivity and expense management effortlessly.

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Effortless Control and Efficiency for Mixed MFD Fleets

Seize the power of centralized management for mixed MFD fleets with Equitrac Express. This printer monitoring software seamlessly integrates into multifunction printers (MFPs), offering compatibility with leading MFP models. Unlock convenience and performance with features such as machine control panel authorization, automatic print activity capture, and cost allocation.

Secure document printing with PIN or swipe-card authentication, protect sensitive information, and experience the convenience of Follow-You Printing®. Gain insight into print behavior and cost management across your diverse MFD fleet, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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Minimize Security Risks

Reduce hard print and labor costs, while increasing workforce productivity

Scale easily in any environment, from small businesses to large enterprises

Simplify and centrally manage mixed MFP fleets to ease the administrative burden.

Unified User Experience

Audit Trail Reporting
Information security

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