Video Security Solutions

Cost efficient professional video security for SMEs

Multi-functional standalone security system tailored to your needs

Every day, small and medium-sized businesses all over the world suffer from fires, theft, vandalism and other incidents. Office spaces and warehouses seem like soft targets for burglars, but a MOBOTIX video security solution can help. It could prevent theft and vandalism, fires and provide effective perimeter protection. It will change the way you view security.

MOBOTIX provides high-quality video infrastructure designed to give you peace of mind. Ensuring you'll benefit from 360° vision, thermal recognition, clear imaging, email notifications and more.  It gives you a comprehensive security system that can be adjusted to the requirements of your company. 

MOBOTIX cameras represent a huge improvement in image processing. The recordings are high quality, even when objects are moving quickly or in poor lighting, so you can always see exactly what's happening. And the innovative motion detection ensures your cameras are always pointed in the right direction.

The MxActivity sensor distinguishes wind or bird movement from genuine suspicious activity, reducing false alarms by up to 90%. You can also automate the system’s response to detected activity, configure the system to open barriers to authorised cars. The options are endless.

The MOBOTIX video security solution includes the following features:

  • Provides clear, sharp images
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Lower overall cost of ownership providing a higher return on your investment
  • Low energy consumption – Green IP Video
  • Cyber-secured with encrypted communication

This multi-functional, standalone security system is the best way to ensure the safety of your office or warehouse. 

Video Security Solutions

Video Security Solutions

A complete security system from a single source

By using a MOBOTIX security system you won't need any additional infrastructure. And you won't need to worry about separate supporting systems, software or a central server. All processes including event and alarm management, recording and image processing are completed within the security camera.

Complete system

No central server necessary

No central server necessary

Scalable security solution

Two-way audio system

Motion detection


Sophisticated analytics