Smart Workflow Services

Eliminate inefficient paper-based workflows

Automatically identify & transform the manual processes that hold your organisation back

87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% have prepared for potential digital disruption – Forbes 2019

Accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation with Smart Workflow Services.

Do you know exactly what and where are your most inefficient paper-based workflows across your organisation?

Using Konica Minolta’s Smart Workflow Service (SWS) we can map, analyse and help you understand what’s behind your organisation’s paper-based workflows and propose solutions to digitise and optimise these workflows to remove wasted staff-hours, bottlenecks as well as reduce costs.

SWS is an entirely unique process that employs bespoke intelligent software to capture and categorise print data to allow the identification and subsequent elimination of inefficient paper-based workflows, exposing previously invisible paper-centric processes.

Using this data, our workflow specialists are able to quantify and attribute costs to each individual process and compare this against a proposed best-of-breed fully digitised workflow to facilitate further transformation; prioritising areas of particular concern and enabling you to quantify the extent of any potential savings.

Features include:

  • Intelligent capture, extraction and analysis of print data and workflows
  • Complete visibility of your print workflows and document by department
  • A detailed report explaining the nature of key paper workflows with recommendations for optimisation and transforming these processes
  • Expert consultation explaining SWS assessment findings and recommendations
  • Complete control of print workflows and data going forward

Why should our customers care?

  • Reduction of CO2-emission from print and paper
  • Reduction of pollution and water use from production of paper and electronics
  • Costs from paper and toner
  • Costs from service and depreciation of printers
  • Print can be a sign of manual processes which should be automated and digitised 

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Benefits include:



Explore and expose the true picture of manual workflows and processes across your organisation
Understand and prioritise inefficient processes for digitisation & process improvement
Improve accessibility and speed of access to business-critical information
Improve ability to provide audit trails around business-critical documentation
Develop a robust business case for digitising and automating workflows based on true total costs
Leverage the expertise of a leading technology company to accelerate digital transformation
Reduce capital expenditure further through optimisation of office print infrastructure 
Enhance environmental credentials by minimising paper use
Achieve new operational efficiencies, lower costs and free up physical space through the elimination of paper-based storage and processing

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