Retail Video Security System

Video security integrated with business intelligence

Intelligent video security for preventive and security measures

Theft, fraud and manipulation by your customers, employees and suppliers, can cost you revenue. Which is why the use of an intelligent video security system is becoming more important. Not just to prevent theft or provide evidence but to provide you with information on your customers.

Video Security for Preventive and Security Measures

The wide-ranging MOBOTIX security solutions are ideal for short distances in indoor environments. And the Hemispheric Technology provides panoramic coverage without any blind spots. With high-quality image correction, so you'll always have the best quality possible for your images without needing high bandwidth. 

Using people counting and heat-map technology you can track movements into restricted areas and trigger an alarm. All without need to install additional software or infrastructure.

Safeguarding Revenue and Optimising Sales

The information collected from the heatmap and people counting technology can be used to:

  • Improve where your workforce is deployed
  • Improve the layout of the shop interior
  • Decide where best to place adverts and offers

This business intelligence will ultimately help you increase sales and minimise your costs.

Video security with integrated business intelligence for retailers

A video security solution for preventive and security measures. Find out how the integrated business intelligence can help you increase sales and minimise your costs.

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