Outsourced Customer Services & Support

Exceptional and flexible customer services at reduced cost

It’s time to rethink your customer services & support – now more than ever customer facing operation can be a major source of competitive advantage and business growth!

Two thirds of businesses already compete on the basis of customer experience and in the next 2 years it will be 81% -  Gartner

Maintaining and delivering great customer experience can be expensive due to the high costs associated with recruitment, training, staff turnover, needing larger office premises and more. Konica Minolta nearshore customer services can provide you with a quick, reliable and cost-effective alternative for hiring and operating high performing customer service teams. 


Businesses will face various challenges and have different requirements - ensure you assess your business needs and don’t allow poor customer service and experiences to imped your business growth!

How Konica Minolta can help you?

How Konica Minolta can help you?

Transforming your customer services and operations may seem a tricky task alongside the daily pressures of your business or department

Konica Minolta can help your business by providing a single point of contact and service for dealing with Customer and technical support or sales enquiries - we can provide 24/7 or extended hours, multi-lingual and proactive support to help you deliver new performances and customer experiences.

We deliver exceptional customer experiences, resources and tasks as a service or Pay-As-You-Go, which are delivered by our own world-class European service delivery centre to the SLAs that you need.


How Konica Minolta can help you?

  • Access to high performing and degree-educated talent base
  • Dedicated agents - working as a functional extension to your in-house team
  • Range of options - including 24/7 support, shared desks and multilingual capability
  • Flexible contracts - support scalability and remove risk
  • Significantly lower operating cost vs in house recruitment at home
  • Simple & effective onboarding process for new customers & desks - try nearshoring risk free option
  • Scalability – build your team up or down, as needed
  • Guaranteed Service Levels & reliable high-end infrastructure
  • Multilingual work force – fluent agents in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, or Dutch
  • Consistency, transparency and trust – we are your strategic partner
  • Expert and dedicated Account Management for each customer

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Signs your Customer service & support is failing

     Are you consistently measuring your customer experience metrics and satisfaction levels?


     Do you have a clear vision of what great customer service and experience means for your business? 

     Have you built in a customer feedback loop to improve your customer services?

     Are you able to engage and support customers via a channel and mechanism of their choice or just email or telephone only?

     Do you have personalised and digital customer experiences?

     Do you have formal procedures for rapid complaint resolutions, on-boarding, continuous improvements & support, etc?

     Do you have customer experience improvement projects and a range of customer support & engagement channels?

     Do you have comprehensive customer contracts that are tailored to customer experiences?

     Are you overwhelmed with customer complaints, failed orders, long waiting times and struggling to meet SLAs and customer service KPIs?

If your answer is ‘NO’ to the majority of the questions, then you should rethink your customer services and support!

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Moving our customer service to Konica Minolta has been a 100% positive experience both for ourselves and our customers. We are making significant savings & our customers are getting a much higher response rate to their helpdesk queries.

Olivier Thirion

General Manager, Softcity Avanquest

Benefits of outsourcing your customer services

Deliver new enhanced customer experiences and performances


Significant cost reductions and better outcomes through pay-as-you-go services and capabilities

Benefit from operational flexibility and consume as much as you like


Discover opportunities, launch new services, extend operational hours, scale up or down
Increase visibility and control by consistent reporting and communication


Focus on your business growth and eliminate operational burdens and complexities

Outsourced Customer Services & Support

Outsourced Customer Services & Support

‘OK’ customer services and support is not acceptable anymore

Konica Minolta can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences, resources and tasks. We specialise in a range of customer support and experience solutions and managed services that can help you on this journey.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Services & Experiences

Konica Minolta's nearshore services can help you to significantly reduce your operating costs and improve your customer service satisfaction levels and deliver new performances. Check out our brochure to find out more.


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