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Are you looking to right-size and optimise your business in a cost-effective manner?

Whether you are a small startup, medium-sized business or a huge corporation, you can use outsourcing as a cost-effective way to expand and augment your current team's skillset. Here at Konica Minolta we have 30 years expertise and successes in helping businesses and organisations of all types and sizes adapt and respond faster to change through outsourced services & managed solutions. There are many situations when outsourcing a job to a more experienced service provider makes more business sense.

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Lack of expertise or skilled staff
  • Workload problems, causing large peaks and overflow issues
  • Ad hoc resource or skillset needs
  • Increasing recruitment and operational costs
We can help you take the first steps towards a brighter future for your business and customers. Konica Minolta specialises in delivering exceptional and flexible skills, as well as customer-facing and internal tasks or processes, as a Service and Pay-As-You-Go. Businesses can extend their teams and skillsets, scale-up or down, improve performances, innovate, and save costs  - all at a level and speed that is not possible in-house.

What are the different types of outsourcing?


i.e. Microsoft Office 365 Application Support Specialist
i.e. Account Payable Executive


i.e. 24/7/365 proactive Remote Monitoring & Management of IT
i.e. Invoice data captured, validated/ corrected


i.e. Fully Managed & Secure IT infrastructure for your business
i.e. Accounts Payable Process – PO, GRN, Invoice Matched, supplier paid



What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing (outsourced services) represents the business practice of hiring a third-party organisation to perform certain parts of one's operations. This could vary from a simple task through to an entire function or operational process.

Nearshore outsourcing refers to outsourced services that are delivered locally or in this case by our service centres within the UK and European Union.

Is Outsourcing right for you?

If you are or have experienced any of the challenging situations mentioned above in the recent months, then outsourcing part of your business processes to a nearshore partner may be the right choice for your company. Companies turn to outsourcing for a variety of reasons, these are just the most common ones.

Why Konica Minolta outsourcing?

  • We grew our operations immensely by opening a back-office operation in Sofia in 2010. We now employ over 180 full-time employees both for internal needs as well as dedicated teams for clients.
  • We know nearshore outsourcing works because we used it to grow our own business. Then we helped our clients grow and achieve their business objectives. We know how to do it for you too.
  • One advantage for the client is the access to top talents with the benefit of being cost effective, an extension of their resource base that results in enviable and scalable business growth.
  • In addition, we offer our customers flexibility. We will never ask you to sign long-term contracts without having tried our service first. All of our contracts are rolling on a monthly basis and the customer can cancel at any time.
  • We make it easy to try outsourcing. Talk to us today and tell us what you need.

Benefits of Outsourced Services & our Recruiting Solutions

Greater visibility and control with transparent reporting, measurement and communication

Innovate and respond to changes as well as customer demands faster

Maximum operational flexibility – consume as little or as much as you like

Guaranteed reductions in operational costs versus in-house operations


Access resources, skills & expertise at speed & cost effectively when not possible internally

Scale operations up or down at speed without any risks, delays and costs 

quotation marks

We needed an outsourcing solution that was very scalable and allowed us to add a lot of people on quickly. We hired 15 people with Konica Minolta in two weeks. We didn’t believe that was going to work but it did. Now we have 23 agents working for us and there have been no complications at all. That’s been the biggest win for us.

Dan Rose

CEO of Paperflow

Rethink your customer & business operations

Whether you are looking to fill a gap in existing operations, scale up for new capacity or services or remove cost – we can help. Consider how outsourcing your tasks, processes and skills can benefit your customers and businesses operations.

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Reinvent & reimagine your business

Reinvent & reimagine your business

It is more important than ever for businesses to rethink their operations and focus on their priorities, customers, business growth and survival.

By outsourcing your tasks, skills and operations, Konica Minolta can help you focus on your core-business and deliver guaranteed cost savings whilst also removing risks, complexity, improving performance and the ability to innovate and respond faster.

We deliver all of this to a level and speed which is simply not possible in-house for SMEs. The potential and benefits of outsourcing for SMEs are a strong business case for change.

We have over 30 years of experience and successes in customer & business operations services in the UK. We are headquartered in the UK and deliver all our services through our UK and European world class 24/7 multilingual Service Delivery Centre.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Nearshoring enhances Avanquest's business interaction with their customers 

Avanquest realised that running a multilanguage, in-house customer support centre is time consuming and resource intensive. By nearshoring their entire customer support functions, they can deliver the cost-savings needed to enhance the bottom line & provide greater operational flexibility. 

A photo print company delivers customer support in six languages cost-effectively

The company was having the challenge to provide international support to its clients. Konica Minolta found what they were looking for – the ability to recruit a multilingual customer support team based out of Europe that can support their customers and provide the services they need at a low operational cost.

Danish start-up Paperflow achieve scalability and improve SLAs response time

The challenge Paperflow faced was being able to quickly recruit data entry specialists. After speaking to Konica Minolta, Paperflow quickly realised they may have found the solution they have been looking for. Konica Minolta had a data entry team setup and working for Paperflow within weeks.

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