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IT Outsourcing Services for agility, efficiency and minimal risk

Smart sourcing solutions to support business growth and transformation

All organisations are under significant pressure to reduce costs while improving services and efficiencies. At the same time, budgets continually get tighter, especially amidst the economic fallout of COVID-19. To meet some of these challenges, additional resources and expertise are required. Some of these may not be easily available or be expensive to acquire. This is where smart-sourcing can help.

Smart-sourcing is where you outsource IT so that a business process is done better, faster, more consistently, at a lower cost and with less risk. That way all in-house resources can focus solely on delivering core activities.  IT outsourcing services offer more than just time savings and cost reductions. They provide a better and more effective way of doing things. Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and offshoring have been the subject of much negative press in recent years. Smart-sourcing is about organisations focusing on what they do best in order to succeed.

Konica Minolta offers the following services as smart-sourcing options:

  • Customer Service : if you need to establish or extend your customer support resources, we can do this for you. We can recruit customer service agents for you and they can be based on our premises, either a whole team or additional agents to supplement your existing team.

  • IT Support: we can provide your internal IT helpdesk to support employees or an IT helpdesk to support customers.

  • HR Support: we can recruit and hire additional staff for you, and they can be based on our premises. We can provide operational support to include infrastructure and facilities management, plus administrative and legal resource.

Key Features

By using our Managed Services to acquire additional skills and expertise, you can benefit from:



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Reduced risk: no upfront investment, all resources are provided by us, not you

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Speed of delivery: quickly increase capability and supplement your existing resources

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Improved productivity: your people can focus on core activities

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Reduced overheads: none of the costs associated with recruiting and employing full-time staff

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Flexibility: no upfront fees plus rolling monthly contracts

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Agility: quickly adapt to changes in demand

Success Stories

Success Stories


Within three months, the agents were able to go beyond call handling to take care of the whole first-line support piece.

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IT helpdesk

IT Helpdesk as a Service

Keep your business and end users working effectively

Smarter, simpler IT service and support

People are your most important asset. To ensure they operate at peak performance, they require a responsive, expert IT help desk. One that offer flexible access, rapid response with very high rate of first-time fix, scalability. And specialist knowledge when required, improved user satisfaction and increased productivity.

IT Servicedesk as a Service

IT Servicedesk as a Service

Transform the impact, speed and delivery of IT

Deliver great experiences and enhance productivity

In today's modern, dynamic workplace, there is increasing pressure for IT to ensure end users can access their applications, services and data from any device, in any location, around the clock. Outsourcing all or part of your service desk function to a trusted third-party can help relieve that burden.

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