Logistics Video Security System

Maintain flawless operations with minimal downtime

Some warehouse and logistical facilities handle over 2,000 items a day and have strict security requirements. All movements and processing need to be monitored closely to ensure there isn't any damage to the facilities or loss of stock. Implementing a MOBOTIX video security system would provide you with full visibility of your warehouse. So you can protect your employees and customers.

It's an invaluable tool for risk management, compliance enforcement and dispute resolution. The metadata generated with the video feed can't be manipulated. And guarantees that you'll have access to historical footage. Your warehouse operators can also analyse the cause of any disruption and quickly implement troubleshooting measures.

Equipped with Hemispheric Technology you'll get maximum coverage with a minimal number of cameras.  Ensuring total protection against damage, theft and vandalism.

The MOBOTIX video system can be adapted to fit with existing IT infrastructures, without the need for additional cables or problems. Making it easy to implement with minimal disruption to your business.