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IT environments gets more complex every day. No matter what type of business, you're at risk of penetration from external forces such as hackers ('penetration points'), as well as leaks, losses and threats from malware. This is why Konica Minolta broadened its approach to IT security many years ago. Today, we bring you a complete service which spans people, processes and technology.

Understand your security situation and needs

Wondering what needs protecting? Not sure what level of cyber security you already have in place? Our IT consultant offer you a wide range of analyses, including the segmentation of your network, firewall policy, software, implementation of your printers and copiers, endpoint security and more. This kind of vulnerability analysis will give you a clear view of your security needs. 


'Crash test' your vulnerabilities 

We believe in checking your infrastructure with penetration tests. Like crash tests for cars, these cyber security tests give you a far higher level of certainty and verification. We can offer these 'pentests' in various packages to suit you. We will give you a detailed report on your computer security situation, together with our recommendations.


The 'human factor' plays a major role in cybersecurity

As data security measures become increasingly powerful, hackers are more often targeting the weak links that remain – employees. This is why social engineering methods that trick employees into unwittingly opening doors to malicious attacks are a growing threat. As a result, any effective data security strategy must factor employees and their behaviour into the equation. We'll help you to build awareness and understanding amongst your colleagues of information security issues by recommending companies you can use to provide this vital awareness.

cybersecurity as the most significant business challenge
attacks costs a business 1.5 million in average

Technology alone cannot offer enough protection against cyber crime and other security threats. What's needed is a broad view that considers all the elements of your business: your people and the digital technology and processes they use each day.  We'll make sure we add value and give you a transparent and sustainable service with fast response times.

Make sure you are prepared

Every company is at risk. What will you do when the moment comes? Our Incident Response Team will help you to identify, contain and forensically analyse penetration, including attacks by malware, ransomware or hackers. We want to keep you secure. 

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Data Protection and Data Security E-Book

Data security and compliance are paramount for all businesses. However, to meet these key objectives when managing content within an organisation, two factors must work in harmony: an information management system that provides a safe framework and a workforce that actually uses the system correctly.

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Our close partnerships with information security specialists

Our close partnerships with information security specialists

We access a healthy mix of small providers with highly innovative approaches, as well as global players with strong portfolios. Our data security solutions team will help your organisation with every challenge, from proof of concept, implementation, rollout, support to training.

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