Intelligent video solutions for the NHS

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Improve processes plus safeguard staff and patients

Our Intelligent Video Solutions combine networked hardware, software and services. Visual, thermal, sound and sensor data is combined to monitor operations and reliably detect threats or potential risks in order to improve safeguarding of your staff, patients, visitors and property.

COVID-19: Thermal Detection

During unprecedented times, protecting front-line staff is vital and will help maintain optimum staffing levels and levels of care. Visual and thermal radiometry can be configured to:

  • Identify elevated body temperature of any person entering your hospital, clinic or surgery
  • Raise a warning to the affected person and notify personnel to act immediately
  • Help reduce the potential spread of infection

This type of deployment is easy to deploy, without the need for human intervention. Hardware can be shipped direct to your site, installed by your IT and facilities staff, and then set-up remotely (subject to network connection).

Intelligent Video Solutions for the NHS

A brief summary of how these solutions can help the NHS

  • Early warning and condition detection
    Thermal, visual, movement and audio biomedical sensors can be combined to implement systems that provide early warnings for things like strokes or indicators of conditions for example prostate issues. Even patients falling over or out of bed can be detected. Information is displayed in real-time and staff can be alerted, ensuring faster response times, enhanced patient safety and improved patient outcomes.
  • Consultation and theatre efficiency
    Make real-time changes to appointment schedules by using facial recognition technology to monitor when key consultants and clinicians are on site. This improves appointment and theatre efficiency. Can integrate with SMS appointment reminder or booking systems to update patients remotely and quickly.
  • Improved safety and security
    Boost patient, staff and asset safety and security, particularly in critical facilities such as laboratories, emergency departments and psychiatry wards. Our solutions provide access control with people identification options, monitor high-risk areas remotely and offer situation-analysis.


Rethink Monitoring and Protection

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Intelligent Video Solutions for the NHS, Konica Minolta UK

Technology Solutions for the NHS

Digital transformation across the NHS isn’t about rip and replace. It’s about using digital technology to make a difference. Finding solutions that help you change how you work, improve the services you provide and rise to the challenge of balancing increased demand with reduced resources. Discover how Konica Minolta helps the NHS with the most advanced tecnology.

Technology solutions for the NHS

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