Intelligent Data Capture

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Optimise and transform the way you capture, process, classify and integrate documents and data across your organisation, from any application and from anywhere. Whether it's a paper invoice, or information from electronic sources, you can automate the capturing, processing and delivery of your content directly into your repositories, workflows and applications, for quicker and more accurate decisions.

Starting your digital journey doesn’t have to be painful. 

Going paperless means more than just eliminating the cost of processing paper. The time saved is really quite staggering. While it takes up to 15 days to fully process a manual invoice, it shrinks to just 3 days with an electronic version. By identifying, capturing, processing, classifying and delivering data from nearly any business document type such as: paper, fax, emails, voice and more, we can help you radically improve your productivity and accuracy.

Intelligent document recognition solutions have the ability to identify and recognise post codes, logos, key words and VAT registration numbers. And through an ongoing learning process, you can capture, index and classify information from multiple document types into different repository and collaboration systems such as content management, automated workflows and the cloud. This way you can gain full control over the critical content that drives your business decisions.

Whatever challenges your organisation is facing - poor customer service, systematic clerical errors, tight SLAs, Konica Minolta's intelligent capture solutions cut complexity down to size, without cost, risk or loss of control. 

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