Healthcare Video Security System

Intelligent and reliable security prevention

An intelligent healthcare solution to improve the safety and security of your facility

An intelligent video system makes it possible to improve the safety and security of your facility. While ensuring high-quality patient monitoring to increase daily efficiency. MOBOTIX allows you to monitor anything from critical facilities like labs, emergency rooms and restricted areas; to simple entrances, lobbies and parking spaces.

The video management software provides you with individual alarms, access control and monitoring solutions. And with a mobile monitoring app for authorised staff, they'll have a real-time overview of all critical areas.

Information from biomedical sensors and devices can also be captured and displayed in real time.  A typical scenario might be monitoring patients leaving a room or bed during the night. Or controlling the heating and room temperature.

By streamlining and simplifying healthcare delivery services you can improve the overall ROI and scale the system as required.

Other benefits include:

  • An improved patient-centric approach. Efficient patient care monitoring with high-resolution image sensors. Giving you optimal overviews and continuous interaction between patients and care providers.
  • Improving hospital efficiency. Offers you greater control over patient management, patient safety protocols and staff shortages.
  • Reducing service costs. Automatic notifications triggered by movement, noise or 3rd part sensors reduce the time between medical interventions (surgery, treatment facility).
  • Reducing emergency department length of stay. MOBOTIX solutions enhance process efficiencies and patient throughput in emergency departments. They can help accelerate patient care decision-making by reducing the time needed to get vital information to clinicians.
  • Enhanced quality and support requirements. The built-in intelligence decreases reaction times and safeguards prompt, efficient care.

Intelligent healthcare solutions

An intelligent video system can help improve the safety and security of your healthcare or social service facility. Find out more about our intelligent IP video solutions for healthcare.

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