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Welcome to the forefront of sustainable manufacturing practices, where innovation meets environmental responsibility. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, the imperative for eco-conscious solutions has never been more pressing. Our commitment to driving sustainability forward resonates throughout every facet of our operations.
From pioneering managed print services that revolutionize waste reduction to implementing state-of-the-art energy-efficient technology across our machinery, we're dedicated to redefining what it means to be green in manufacturing. Join us on a journey through our comprehensive guide, where we illuminate the path towards a greener, more prosperous future for the industry.

Innovative Waste Reduction:
Our managed print services significantly cut down on paper waste, streamlining operations and reducing environmental impact.

Energy-Efficient Technology:
We incorporate the latest in energy-efficient machinery, lowering our carbon footprint and setting new standards for sustainable manufacturing.

Comprehensive Sustainability Commitment:
Every aspect of our operations is designed with eco-consciousness in mind, ensuring a holistic approach to environmental responsibility and industry leadership in sustainability.

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Features of our Sustainability & Green Manufacturing Solutions

Digitising Printing Process for sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability is a non-negotiable in modern manufacturing, and our Managed Print Services (MPS) reflect this imperative. By transitioning to digitized, managed solutions, we're not just reducing paper waste and energy consumption; we're re-shaping the industry's approach to environmental responsibility.

Through optimised print resource management, MPS empowers organisations to align printing practices with sustainability goals, forging a greener path for manufacturing's future.

Greening the Manufacturing Process with Innovative Practices

Our professional print solutions embody our commitment to sustainability in manufacturing. From eco-friendly materials to optimised techniques, every choice reflects our dedication to reducing environmental impact without sacrificing quality or efficiency. These solutions offer a clear pathway to a more sustainable future, where conscious printing decisions drive positive change.

Quality Assurance for Sustainability

In sustainable manufacturing, quality management is paramount. Our solutions not only ensure product excellence but also minimise waste and resource consumption. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we're driving efficiency gains that extend beyond the factory floor, shaping a future where sustainability is inherent in every aspect of production.



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Michał Rejnowski



M-Files is a useful and versatile tool that we use in many areas. The great strength is the fact that it’s simple enough for an ordinary...

Tore Mosand

General Manager, Nordland Betong


Our Global Customer Service enabled BMW Group to outsource these tasks to us, unburdening their internal resources and reducing administrational...

Ante Borau

Head of Global Operations, BMW


The AccurioJet KM-1 is like a Swiss Army knife because it has so many uses. It ticks all the boxes and can be used for all kinds of substrates...

Daniel Baier

Managing, Director at Rehms Druck


In case of an issue with our Bruker Daltonik device, AIRe Link allows us to see immediately what the customer sees. We can often identify or even...

David Burian

Head of Service, Bruker s.r.o., Czech Republic



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