Cloud Technology Solutions

Cost-effective, secure and reliable cloud solutions

Underpinning Digital Transformation

At Konica Minolta our focus is on helping our customers change how they work in order to transform the services they deliver.

We understand that in today’s challenging economic environment you need to not only reduce costs, but also meet customer and citizen demands for digital services and engagement. You are focused on improving services. You are moving more services online as well as using technology to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Cloud computing is underpinning this digital transformation. And that is exactly why we offer a range of cloud solutions – to help our customers transform, improve and succeed.
Our cloud solutions include:


Managed Cloud Hosting

Public, private or hybrid cloud environments that are secure and resilient, with 24/7 system monitoring and expert support teams. We use UK datacentres which are ISO 27001 accredited and have a high-availability infrastructure.

Cloud Print Infrastructure Services

Cloud-hosted print infrastructure solutions which remove the need for on-site print servers. Print jobs can be sent from any device to any printer in the organisation using a single print driver. No need for a myriad of print servers and drivers. A SaaS solution that can be scaled up or down to match requirements.
Remote Monitoring and Management  

We offer a choice of remote monitoring services to improve business continuity and resilience. We can monitor a specific aspect of your IT environment, provide proactive management and monitoring of key IT systems, or we can monitor and manage your entire IT infrastructure.

IT Managed Services

We can manage and support some or part of your IT infrastructure to help you improve performance and/or business continuity. Our capabilities range from IT assessments or healthchecks, backup and managed email to security, disaster recovery and business continuity.

SMS Messaging

123-txt is a cloud-based SaaS solution, an SMS messaging platform that enables you to quickly communicate with staff, customers, patients and citizens using an email client or web interface. SMS messages are far more likely to be read than emails and normally within 5 seconds of receipt so 123-txt is perfect for issuing communications that you want to be certain will be read and read quickly.

Cloud Fax

A SaaS solution that enables fax documents to be sent or received as electronic messages directly to or from existing email accounts. Removes the need for on premise fax servers, fax machines and related infrastructure.

Augmented Reality

genARate is an innovative cloud based Augmented Reality (AR) platform that transforms your existing 2D content into exciting, interactive 3D experiences that can help you improve engagement with staff, customers, citizens, patients or students.

We know you want to use cloud solutions because of the intrinsic benefits provided by cloud technology. Our solutions offer all those fundamental benefits of cloud – reduced costs, reduced CapEx, scalability, business continuity, better security, improved reliability and a reduced carbon footprint.

But our focus is on the ‘why’ in terms of implementing cloud technology and not just the ‘how’. We know you don’t want to use cloud technology just for the sake of it. So our emphasis is on providing solutions that help you rethink how you work in order to improve efficiencies and transform the services you provide. We don’t offer every single cloud service possible. We offer solutions focused on helping you work smart. Solutions that make a difference.

Cloud Technology Solutions

Cloud Technology Solutions

Why Konica Minolta for cloud? 



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EXTRA MILE SUPPORT: Our cloud solutions are monitored 24/7 and expert teams are on hand to manage any issue that may arise

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TRANSPARENCY: No hidden costs, no surprise bills

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AREAS OF EXPERTISE:  our solutions are focused on our areas of expertise – data, information, process workflows, automation, the drive to digitise

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CLOUD NATIVE: our software solutions aren’t on-premise solutions simply shifted to the cloud, they’re developed as true SaaS offerings

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CUSTOMER FOCUS: our focus is on helping our customers solve problems, progress and transform. Our cloud solutions are focused on the same thing

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SAFE HANDS: we’re not a start-up, we’re a business partner you can trust and rely on, now and into the future

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RELIABLE: we use UK data centres that are ISO 27001 accredited and have a high-availability infrastructure plus all solutions are backed by industry-leading SLAs

Success Stories

Success Stories

Transforming Citizen Services

Walsall Council us improving critical processes. Our solution is cloud hosted and support their Cloud First strategy.

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