Business Process Management

Get access to the right information at the right time

Managing your content and information is a necessity if you want to remain productive. But for you to have greater visibility, control and efficiency, it's vital that the information is available in the right context, anywhere and anytime.

Would you benefit from an end-to-end business process management solution? One that would allow you to manage the life-cycle of all the documents and processes across your business? If your answer is yes, we can help. 

Konica Minolta can provide you with a versatile solution that would be particularly beneficial to your Finance, HR, operations and IT departments. Simplify and automate processes for these teams, improving their efficiency and productivity but still meeting any compliance and regulation requirements. You will also minimise human error and reduce your paper usage.

Our business process management solution allows you to package together a number of elements from our existing software portfolio. You will be able to automate a series of actions or steps, all with a focus on delivering improved business productivity. These include:

  • Data Capture – Digitising key documents, including the automated extraction of important information
  • Information Management – Managing and controlling information and documents in a secure environment, coupled with a search and audit trail functionality
  • Workflow Automation – Moving key information around your business as part of an automated process
  • Business Intelligence – Creating and distributing visual reports showing real-time data

Key Features



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Intuitive and easy to use

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Proven return on investment

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Technically stable, constantly improved upon

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Simple integration

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Flexible configuration

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