All-in-one IT Platform

Workplace Hub

Simplify your IT with Workplace Hub

Imagine technology built around you, enabling you to work as you want. Working for you—on your terms. Free. Empowered. Connected. All-in-one platform IT. Sounds good? It is.

Your business faces a range of challenges on a daily basis. In these times of ever-increasing data volumes and highly complex technologies, different systems need to be updated regularly. This is even more important as your employees’ work becomes more mobile, and data security standards are tightened up.

And what if your business experiences a system breakdown? How would you manage?

Being prepared for every possible issue relating to your IT environment will give you peace of mind. With the added benefit of more energy and time to focus on the tasks that really matter to your business. 

Workplace Hub is a unique all-in-one solution, perfectly suited for small and medium sized businesses. It will help you to reduce the complexity of your IT administration:

  • Manage all your assets (hardware, software, services) via just one interface
  • No professional IT skills needed
  • Easy user management

Simply plug in, power up and play.

Workplace Hub - technology that's built around you

Until now compatibility between systems had been one of the great obstacles to productivity at work. By uniting the different parts of workplace IT infrastructures, Workplace Hub removes this barrier and provides intelligent-based services. It makes it easier to plan, manage and grow the IT environment that your organisation needs and wants. It enables your people to work smarter from any device or location. It puts them in control of their technology. It’s IT on your terms.

All-in-one IT Platform

All-in-one IT Platform

Key Features

Workplace Hub consists of multiple tools you can use to enhance your IT. It combines management, collaboration, technology and support in one complete IT ecosystem. The platform was developed by Konica Minolta together with our technology partners: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sophos and Microsoft. 

Workplace Hub offers businesses efficient and effective collaboration, from day one.

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Reduce IT complexity

WorkplaceHub Feature Icon IT Infrastructure

Optimise your IT expenditure

WorkplaceHub Feature Icon IT Services

Stay safe with all your data

WorkplaceHub Feature Icon User Dashboard

Enhance your team efficiency

Managed IT Services

IT on your terms

In a fast-changing, digital-first world, the expectations on IT departments are growing at a phenomenal rate. Demands to reduce costs, drive innovation, compete more effectively and maintain a resilient and secure infrastructure is putting increasing pressure on these teams.

Technology Solutions for the NHS

Digital transformation across the NHS isn’t about rip and replace. It’s about using digital technology to make a difference. Finding solutions that help you change how you work, improve the services you provide and rise to the challenge of balancing increased demand with reduced resources. Discover how Konica Minolta helps the NHS with the most advanced tecnology.