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Revolutionizing Inventory Management with AI-driven Precision

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Streamline Inventory Management with Intelligent Video Solutions in Southampton

Transform inventory management in Southampton with Konica Minolta's Intelligent Video Solutions specialized in inventory tracking. Our AI-driven cameras meticulously monitor and identify inventory from start to finish, ensuring no items are lost, damaged, or stolen. Empower your business with unparalleled visibility and control over your inventory, setting new standards for efficiency and security in Southampton's bustling commercial landscape.

Precise Inventory Tracking
Monitor and identify inventory with precision.

Seamless Integration and Customization
Integrate with existing inventory management systems effortlessly.

Remote Accessibility and Monitoring
Monitor inventory remotely for enhanced security and efficiency.



Precision Inventory Tracking for Southampton Businesses

Experience unparalleled precision in inventory tracking with Konica Minolta's Intelligent Video Solutions customized for Southampton businesses. Our AI-driven cameras meticulously monitor and identify inventory items throughout the supply chain, from warehouse shelves to retail floors.

Whether you're managing a retail store in Westquay or a distribution center in Nursling, our solution offers real-time visibility into inventory movements, ensuring accurate stock levels and minimizing the risk of loss or theft.

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Effortless Integration for Optimized Inventory Management

Integrate our Intelligent Video Solutions seamlessly into your existing inventory management systems, tailored to meet the unique needs of your Southampton business. Whether you're using ERP software in a manufacturing facility or a POS system in a retail store, our solution complements your workflow, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in inventory tracking.

Say goodbye to manual inventory counts and data entry errors, and hello to streamlined operations and improved inventory control in Southampton.

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Seamless Remote Access Management

Enhance security and efficiency with remote monitoring capabilities offered by Konica Minolta's Intelligent Video Solutions for inventory tracking. Whether you're overseeing multiple warehouses across Southampton or monitoring inventory levels while away, our solution provides intuitive remote access to live video feeds and inventory tracking data.

From the historic streets of Old Town to the industrial zones in Millbrook, stay connected to your inventory management system at all times, ensuring proactive inventory tracking and optimized operations.

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Customized Solutions
Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of Southampton businesses.

Precise Inventory Identification
dentify inventory items accurately throughout the supply chain.

Enhanced Security
Minimize the risk of loss or theft with proactive inventory tracking.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with existing inventory management systems effortlessly.

Real-Time Visibility
Monitor inventory movements in real-time for enhanced control.

Remote Access Management

Monitor inventory remotely for increased security and efficiency.

Types Of Cameras

Types Of Cameras

Access Control

With its 360° lens, the technology captures the entire entrance area without any gaps. The system enables keyless opening of doors securely using an access code, RFID transponder or smartphone, and is even scalable for larger connected systems.

Indoor Cameras

Indoors, the hemispheric video system with 360° all-round view or 180° panoramic image can monitor an entire room discreetly and without any gaps – with intelligent video analysis tools for object and person statistics, heat maps and behavior detection.

Mobotix Move

The weather-resistant, mobile IP cameras are equipped with the latest standard features of central video systems. MOBOTIX MOVE is the ideal supplement to the premium IoT video systems in the MOBOTIX 7 and Mx6 series.

Outdoor Cameras

MOBOTIX outdoor cameras are able to withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to 65°C. The maintenance-free housing protects them from moisture, corrosion and dirt. High-quality image sensors produce high-quality video recordings even in low light.

Thermal Cameras

MOBOTIX thermal cameras register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at distances of several 100 meters. They are also used with great success for early fire detection and can issue alarms automatically