The Workplace of the Future

Improving the workplace experience

An entire digital ecosystem to meet all your business needs

The workplace of the future looks at improving the workplace experience for your employees. Advances in technology have led to a rise in remote working, as your employees are no longer required to work from their desks. They can work anywhere, at anytime. We want to help you enable collaboration within your organisation by merging people, processes and technology.

The Internet of Things has started to set the scene for a technological revolution. Machines of all shapes and sizes at home, the office and in our lives are beginning to communicate,  automating tedious tasks and monotonous workloads. They take care of simple and time consuming tasks, so you can focus on your core business.

Discover the ideal digital workplace

With our collaboration platform you can automate and coordinate your entire work environment. Help your employees to be more productive. With a few mouse clicks, you can easily create, integrate, manage and share data among your employees, as well as external users. 

With our room booking application you no longer need to search for an available space, only to find someone's using it.  It'll predict the availability of the room based on who booked it, along with information collected from sensors in the room.

Konica Minolta's workplace of the future solutions and collaboration platform give you all the tools you need to combine and synchronise your workplace files, data, calendar and contact information in a single place. Everything is easily searchable and accessible on any device - anywhere and at any time.



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Mobile Working

The world of work has changed and so too have the workers. The workforce has never looked as varied as it does today. In a competitive labour market, highly skilled knowledge workers have unprecedented freedom to determine their employment circumstances and the organisations best able to meet these demands are those that attract and retain talent.

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