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Do you need to manage a variety of processes in order to grow your business? Sharing knowledge, organising processes and collaboration is becoming ever more relevant for small businesses in order to promote efficiency, remote working and creativity.

With Workplace Go we can offer exactly this kind of digital collaboration solution which is highly customisable and scalable. Workplace Go builds on the market leading Microsoft Office 365 collaborative suite, but with the advantage of only one user interface. You don’t have to log on into each application separately.

It provides an “intranet out-of-the-box” and furthermore unifies all features for personal organisation, productivity, communication, collaboration with internal and external colleagues and social networking in one platform.

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Get your modern intranet & collaboration solution with a full range of features and accelerate your digital transformation strategy:​​
  • Information transparency and company-wide, interactive knowledge-sharing​
  • Full integration with well-known business software (such as Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Dynamics CRM, Outlook, Planner) and social networks (such as Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and automatic updates​
  • Extensive search capabilities with intelligent search recommendations across Microsoft 365/Office 365 tenant (documents, people, sites)

* No regular costs apply, only little set-up fee

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Increase your performance

Once deployed, Workplace Go is a customisable digital workplace that is able to deliver all the information and tools employees need to perform better and organise their information especially –but not exclusively – when working in a team.

Working together digitally from any device

Workplace Go enables instant access to all of your projects from any device while maintaining the highest level of security. It also offers quick and globally uniform access to all your required content, applications and notifications as well as a tailored search experience through SharePoint and Delve. Workplace Go enables unique content management, as users can follow their contributions in terms of likes, views, versions or the current approval status directly in their personal dashboard, where they also have full integration of well-known business software (such as Power BI, Dynamics CRM, Outlook, Skype for business, Planner, Groups) and social networks (such as Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MS Stream).

Low costs and high flexibility trough SaaS model

Workplace Go delivers a digital workplace platform for your business that is ready to grow with the organisation to future-proof your systems and, since Workplace Go is provided as SaaS, high costs for hardware are eliminated, too.