Konica Minolta Color Care 2

Guaranteed colour quality with Color Care

Color Care defines, achieves and maintains specific quality standards for any bizhub device. Available as a software product or professional service.

As a graphic arts specialist or commercial printer, you can purchase the software. And be self-sufficient in maintaining the defined quality standards for your device. But you can also rely on our Color Care service.

With Color Care you'll benefit from a professional quality tool that facilitates profile creation and evaluation.

Konica Minolta Color Care 2 workflow

Key Features

Key Features

Quality assurance

  • Industry-leading software solution
  • Ease of use
  • Product-specific quality standards
  • Predefined quality targets
  • Continuous quality control system
  • Statistics function

Profile evaluation

  • 3D gamut viewer
  • Plot gamut as points

Profile creation

  • CMYK and RGB profiles
  • Support for ICC v2 and ICC v4 profiles
  • Choice of patch layout (IT8.7/3, IT87.4, ECI)
  • Monitor profiles
  • Profile optimisation
  • Mac and Windows support
  • Konica Minolta measurement device

Complete your team: Scanning High-End Spectrophotomer FD-5BT

  • M1-Mode – ready for modern standards
  • Excellent inter-instrument agreement
  • Display for standalone use
  • Fully-fledged Spectrodensitometer