Secure mobile printing in the cloud

EveryonePrint uses a privately hosted cloud network providing secure mobile printing. Allowing job submissions from email, web, Google Cloud Print, Android Print and AirPrint. With a user-friendly interface and simple self-service design.

EveryonePrint gives IT administrators complete user access so they can add or remove users quickly. There is also end-to-end encryption of print jobs. And with secure print job release on authentication, you can avoid sensitive documents being left in output trays.

As a platform-independent solution, it enhances user flexibility with a BYOD corporate policy. And supports common file formats. Where accounting and print tracking is required, EveryonePrint can be connected to an accounting solution.

EveryonePrint workflow

Key features

Key features

Secure printing

  • Administrator-controlled user access
  • End-to-end file encryption
  • Private print cloud environment
  • Follow-me printing
  • Guest print scenario
  • Secure print job release
  • Authentication via PIN
  • Authentication by ID card (optional)
  • Authentication via user name and password

Support of BYOD* corporate policy

  • Multi-vendor solution
  • Printing from mobile device
  • Easy usability
  • Driverless printing

* Bring Your Own Device

Flexible job submission

  • Driver print
  • E-mail print
  • Web print
  • Mobile print
  • Google Cloud print

Support of file formats & output setting

  • Printer driver support
  • Advanced driver print
  • Driverless file format support
  • Configuration of print settings on web interface
  • Default print output settings
  • Website printing

Accounting & charging

  • Add on to accounting solution (optional)