Everyone Print Hybrid Cloud Platform

Move your print infrastructure to the cloud

Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) is a cloud-based multi-tenancy print solution providing organisations with all the flexibility and benefits of a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. HCP streamlines your print infrastructure, eliminates print servers and incorporates cloud technologies with ease — so this all-in-one hybrid print platform offers optimal security and flexible printing options while also reducing the workload of your IT staff.

Benefits at a glance

HCP is designed to help organisations reduce the cost and complexity associated with a traditional print environment while maintaining all features of a traditional print management solution.

  • Controlled via single cloud-hosted web interface
  • Serverless print environment/No set-up for new printers or print queues for each location
  • Reduced print-related helpdesk tickets
  • Flexible monthly payment options
  • No big investment into IT infrastructure needed
  • Access to printing services from any device without installing devices/ drivers
  • User identification via iOS or Android, IP card reader, QR code or guest print
  • Hosted and managed in Konica Minolta's certified Data Center in Germany
  • Full end-to-end encryption, GDPR compliant
  • All networking components can be customised

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HCP is a true cloud solution. It’s completely serverless and fully flexible. There’s zero upfront costs, simply pay for the licences you need and it’s easy to scale consumption up or down, to accommodate changing business needs.

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