dokoni FIND

Instant access to the information you need to find

The dokoni FIND search tool offers you instant access to your data. Letting you find any document, whenever and wherever you need it. Working from a single point of access across all your applications.

The amount of data within an organisation is growing and growing. But that can leave your workers spending more and more time trying to find specific information. Wasting valuable time and manpower, making your company less competitive. With our dokoni FIND solution, you and your employees can have fast and easy access to their data.

An easy to use interface you'll only need to log in once to start your search. You can easily search across all applications without switching between different interfaces and applications. The system lets you access and open documents directly from their original location. And since you don't need to migrate data it can be integrated with existing systems. 

dokoni FIND uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to accurately convert the content, before indexing it into document archives ready to be searched at a later date.

Key Features

Key Features

Document capture

  • Content virtualisation
  • Universal data access
  • Data connectivity
  • Content conversion

Content management

  • Enterprise search
  • Data remains in original locations
  • Integrated security
  • Simple scale-up options
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