The Benefits of Managing Your Print in the Cloud

Moving infrastructure to the cloud is a vital element in the digital transformation journey and making the shift to digital technology is vital for business functions.

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Storing your data in the cloud is not a new idea, but the considerable benefits have certainly come to the fore in the last few years. The flexibility of cloud-based solutions has proven to be invaluable to organisations operating under considerably challenging and often unseen circumstances, but this isn’t just an emergency measure, as more and more organisations large and small are discovering.

The benefits of using cloud printing for your organisation

Migrating your mission-critical systems to the cloud brings many rewards. Firstly, with access through a secure internet connection, the cloud delivers high availability wherever your team are working. This is particularly valuable for hybrid or remote working, enabling your team to have full access to critical business systems wherever they need or choose to be.

Furthermore, cloud-based systems are highly efficient, you only need to pay for the resources needed, and they are highly scalable, both up and down. This leads to rightsizing of costs (usually an impressive cost reduction) and with levels of security that an-inhouse server and IT network would struggle to match, you can be sure that your data is as safe as possible.

Another big benefit is that cloud-hosting reduces the IT burden by providing a more robust solution that is easier to maintain and manage. This enables your organisation to reclaim and redistribute valuable IT resources and enables your team to concentrate on projects or infrastructure enhancements, which are a much better investment of their time and expertise.

Hosting your essential Print Management infrastructure

Print Management may not be the first service you think of when it comes to cloud hosting, but it is a perfect example of a critical business provision that really benefits from the power of the cloud.

For most organisations print has a vital role in operations be it invoices, legal documents, contracts, marketing collateral, or meeting agendas etc. When employees had no choice but to work from a specific office or workspace, managing print in-house was easier. But with hybrid working, organisations and businesses have had to up their game to accommodate the print facility to suit the mobility of their teams and operations.

Print Management is an essential element of an organisation’s infrastructure, governing data between hardware and print. Cloud Print is a logical solution to this need in the hybrid working space, delivering cost savings benefits and improved flexibility, as well as the security needed to guard against data breaches and unauthorised eyes.

Cloud Printing removes the need to run and maintain on-premises print servers and the costs associated with them, such as software maintenance/ licencing, maintenance of the hardware, and training of the IT team. It also provides your organisation with convenient and flexible printing where users can print on demand, from any location or device (including all the latest mobile devices and operating systems) through a simple to use and intuitive user interface.

Choosing the right Cloud Print solution

However, it is the case that not all Cloud Print solutions are made equal! Your business needs a solution that will fit the specific requirements and budgets of your business and its teams.

Konica Minolta’s Cloud Print solutions are delivered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model whereby everything you need is included for a highly affordable monthly fee. Your business avoids the often-hefty capital expenditure costs of buying, installing, and updating in-house systems, swapping them for a powerful and always up-to-date expert Cloud Print solution. This ensures your team always has the flexibility to reliably work as best benefits them and your whole organisation.

Moving to our Cloud Print solution won’t cause your organisation any headaches either. Konica Minolta’s expert team takes care of securely migrating, operating, and constantly optimising your print infrastructure in the cloud, enabling your organisation to operate dynamically whilst having the peace of mind that its essential Print Management is reliable and fit for purpose.

Cloud Print

Learn more about the Cloud Print options available from Konica Minolta, and get a free demonstration of how they will benefit your organisation.

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