The customer relationship management workbook: the recipe for customer loyalty

Capture the hearts of your consumers with well-thought-out CRM. Our workbook shows you how to establish and maintain fruitful relationships with your customers.

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Professional customer relationship management ensures that consumers not only buy once, but also come back. After a company’s image has been successfully established and the customer base has been activated and convinced, there is usually an important step missing: the development of genuine customer loyalty. Our workbook supports you in all aspects of CRM – from acquisition to portfolio maintenance.

People purchase products for a wide variety of reasons. They compare the best offers, talk with friends or visit a shop. However, excellent customer service is always the basis to get a product to someone. With good service, companies show interest. Above all, customers remember and rate a brand more positively if it takes good care of them.

Customer relationship management: treating customers with care

CRM systems help companies improve their customer service. They make customer data accessible for employees who need that data for the purposes of their work. This makes it easier to arrange meetings, find contact information quickly and organise documents centrally. In addition, you can address customers in a targeted way and impress them with tailored offers. The worksheet in chapter two of the workbook shows you how to address and excite different types of customer.

Small and medium-sized companies often have a very personal connection with their customers. But when the customer base grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to provide good service – especially when highly knowledgeable colleagues are on holiday or sick.

Centrally accessible customer data makes suitable communication easier. It is thus a question of finding the right system. The workbook provides SMEs with orientation for their first steps in customer relationship management.

How is the workbook arranged?

  • Editorial: Customer relationship management – into the future together
  • Chapter 1: How well do you know your customers?

Worksheet: Customer proximity: what are your strengths?

  • Chapter 2: Gain new customers, retain good customers
    • Worksheet: In dialogue with customers: to whom do I speak in what way?
  • Chapter 3: Actively managing customer relationships
  • Worksheet: Customer relationship management in SMEs: do I need to follow every trend?
  • Summary: A future with CRM and automation?

How you can successfully shape customer relationships and business processes

Workbook 3 - Customer Relationship Management

What does the workbook contain?

Our workbook offers companies, that want to get more involved with the subject of CRM, assistance in the evaluation of their own requirements and opportunities.

In the knowledge section, you can find comprehensive information on customer relationship management and its effect.

The glossary gives you the most important CRM jargon in a comprehensible form. To simplify implementation, you will find worksheets in the practical section to help you with specific activities.

CRM – where do SMEs start?

There are various CRM models for companies of different sizes. Companies can select the most suitable option depending on their customer base and data. By starting early, you can avoid having to transfer all the relevant data from files to a new digital system.

With good customer relationship management, you optimise the customer experience and increase satisfaction – not only among customers, but also your employees – because efficient communication simplifies the process on both sides. You can read more customer relationship management insights in our workbook.

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