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Assisted IT Infrastructure Management: Enhancing Your Team's Efficiency

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Reclaiming IT Team's Time: Reducing Routine Maintenance Distractions


A considerable 32% of your IT team's time goes to routine maintenance, crucial for security and compliance but distracting from strategic goals. Optimizing maintenance can refocus your team on driving innovation and growth.


In today's fast-paced work environment, IT professionals often struggle to manage their workload within the constraints of an eight-hour workday. This challenge can be exacerbated by other departments or management who may not fully grasp the demands placed on IT teams, resulting in a relentless influx of requests. As the reliance on technology continues to grow, this issue becomes increasingly prevalent.

By adopting Konica Minolta's Remote Monitoring and Management service to support your infrastructure, you can empower your IT team to concentrate on high-priority tasks, effectively preventing the accumulation of unresolved requests. This approach fosters a more harmonious working environment, enabling your IT department to better support your business and drive success.

Keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly without lifting a finger 

Your IT infrastructure is critical to your business, but it is all too easy for monitoring and management to become a time-consuming burden that takes your IT team away from other activities. But if you do not have the right skills or resources in-house to devote to the task, cyber threats, faults, and other issues could affect uptime, productivity, and business continuity. With a 24/7Remote Monitoring and Management service, you can solve this challenge whilst saving cost at the same time. 

Remote Monitoring and Management: focus on your business, not your IT infrastructure 

  • RMM Service provides proactive and preventative monitoring and management of a client’s servers environments and network infrastructure.  

  • RMM leverages expertise in Windows and Linux OS, as well as advanced tools and methodologies to manage clients’ server environments. 

  • Industry-standard monitoring checks availability, performance, interface issues and hardware errors of network devices. 

When you outsource monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure to a specialist provider like Konica Minolta, you can lean back and relax. Our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) service is delivered by highly trained and certified specialists to provide just what you need efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Benefits of partnering with Konica Minolta

  • We have over 33 years of IT successes helping UK businesses and public sector organisations of all sizes overcome their toughest business & IT challenges, cut risk and cost as well as innovate and improve performances. 

  • We offer a broad range of IT services – from Professional services through to managed services and helpdesk support for all forms of IT infrastructure, digital workplace environments and business process operations. We have over 20,000 customers across the UK and manage over 200,000 devices. 

  • We are ISO27001 certified and our team of accredited experts - from IT Analysts, IT Project Managers & Implementation engineers through to multi-tiered IT support agents 

  • We have robust procedures for managing change and supporting customers at every step from discovery assessments and consultancy through to project managed implementation as well as continuous improvement & support. 

  • We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner and have been for over 10 years – specialising in Microsoft Digital workplace/ Microsoft 365 

  • We are independent and partner with the leading IT technology providers including Microsoft, HP OEM, ServiceNow 

  • We are part of the Konica Minolta global organisation with the resources and resilience to provide quality IT Managed Services

Increase your productivity with Remote Monitoring & Management

Because remote monitoring is proactive and performed 24/7, any faults, interface issues or hardware errors are quickly detected and fixed. Often, even before they occur. Wherever possible, they are also fixed remotely — even before they start affecting your business. The service covers components like servers and network and storage devices, helping to ensure that: 

  • Your IT systems are optimally managed 

  • Availability and performance are maintained 

  • Your IT processes run smoothly 

Our RMM service also takes care of applying critical Microsoft and Linux operating system updates, which improves the overall security posture and helps protect against cyberattacks and threats. 

All the activities on each monitored device are recorded and auditable, and regular reports are also available. 




No Hidden Costs

A simple monthly fee means you always know the total cost of your RMM service — there are no hidden extras.

Enhanced Security

Remote monitoring and management cover the technical and functional aspects of your IT infrastructure. By monitoring infrastructure components and applying critical OS patches, the service helps to enhance your overall security posture.

No Wasted Time

You do not have to schedule appointments with
engineers or incur the expense of site visits for issues that can be resolved remotely. 
We provide remote remediation of up to 85% of events within the agreed service level objective. 

How does remote monitoring work? 

Remote monitoring involves deploying RMM software agents on your infrastructure components which allow a specialist team (via a remote access gateway) to monitor the components in real time using RMM tools. The team will analyse and manage any issues detected and remediate them remotely wherever possible. OS (Operating System) patches can also be applied to the monitored components remotely. 



What is the RMM onboarding and service delivery process?  


Konica Minolta's process consists of four phases: 

  • Onboarding. We work with you to define your monitoring requirements and agree on the standard and custom operating procedures as required. 

  • Deployment. We establish a tenant for you on our RMM platform, onboard your devices, and deploy the required monitoring agents and gateway. 

  • Remote management. We remotely manage events detected through monitoring and remediate them remotely wherever possible. We also manage patches and mitigation for critical OS vulnerabilities, to help you stay secure. 

  • Regular operation. We monitor your infrastructure components round the clock; analyse, verify, and filter events; and respond to events remotely or contact you with a solution. 

What is included in the Remote Monitoring & Management? 


  • Alert Validation, Alert Triaging and Alert Correlation
  • Ticketing and Escalation
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) & COP (Custom Operating Procedures) Based Initial Remediation
  • OS Server Patching
  • Configuration Backup Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting, Restoration, Remediation
  • Support for Root Cause Analysis of Critical Issues
  • Change Requests & Service Requests
  • 3rd Party Hardware, Software and Service Vendor Coordination
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • Platform Management Backup job creation and scheduling

What are the benefits of remote monitoring? 

Our RMM service offers a practical and cost-effective alternative to conventional onsite IT support. The charging model is based on a simple monthly fee with no hidden extras to pay for. Remote remediation of faults (wherever possible) saves time and enhances business continuity; while application of critical OS patches helps to enhance your organisation's security posture.



Proactive remote monitoring detects faults rapidly and reliably and, wherever possible, fixes them remotely — before they start affecting your business. As your managed service provider, Konica Minolta takes responsibility for ensuring optimal management of your IT systems and smooth running of your IT processes.


Learn how Remote Monitoring and Management can help your business

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