Text messaging solutions for the NHS

Cloud-based SMS platform perfect for critical comms

Our 123-txt solutions offer secure, cloud-based text messaging that is simple to use and designed to work with your existing infrastructure.

During unprecedented times, it has never been so important to stay connected with your staff, patients, visitors and suppliers. Keeping them all up to date on staffing levels, policy changes, inbound cases, hospital access and appointment changes can be a challenge. Embracing SMS or text messaging software enables you to do just that, quickly and effectively. You can send bulk messages instantly, providing real-time updates and the information your audiences need, exactly when they need it. Enabling you to drastically improve communications with all your key stakeholders.
Solutions can be deployed in five days or less. The software can be easily integrated with your existing systems and we offer full training to get you up and running. Thereafter messages can be sent in minutes via email or a browser. You get 24/7 customer support should you have any issues, but with an interface that is simple to use, you’ll be able to send and receive messages in no time. And with 256-encryption, you can rest assured all communications are secure.


We’ve helped public sector organisations of all sizes integrate SMS as a key communication tool for a wide range of applications to include automated appointment confirmations, appointment reminders and HR emergency planning, to name a few.


  • 98% of SMS messages are opened in comparison to 20% of emails
  • 95% of messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes
  • Fast effective channel to deliver critical information
  • Helps improve patient experience
  • Easy integration with existing platforms
  • 24/7 Service Desk
  • 256-bit encryption and end-to-end SSL secured web platform

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Success Stories

Success Stories

South Oxfordshire District Council

Discover how we helped making it easier for people to get in touch with the Council, and how we implemented an outbound communication method.

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South Oxfordshire Council

Digital transformation across the NHS isn’t about rip and replace. It’s about using digital technology to make a difference. Finding solutions that help you change how you work, improve the services you provide and rise to the challenge of balancing increased demand with reduced resources.

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Intelligent video solutions for the NHS

Improve processes plus safeguard staff and patients

Computers with a lens

Our Intelligent Video Solutions combine networked hardware, software and services. Visual, thermal, sound and sensor data is combined to monitor operations and reliably detect threats or potential risks in order to improve safeguarding of your staff, patients, visitors and property.

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