Konica Minolta to showcase Digital Transformation benefits at the Make UK National Manufacturing Conference 2024

| 26 February 2024

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd will be appearing at the Make UK National Manufacturing Conference 2024 on 27th February, which takes place at the QEII Centre in London. Konica Minolta’s expert team will be available to discuss how its solutions can help manufacturers fully embrace Digital Transformation, including its powerful range of Video Solution Services (VSS), the innovative CoboVox Intuitive Voice Enabled Cobot Programming Application for collaborative robots (cobots), professional print solutions that elevate labels and packaging, and Managed Content Services (MCS) for document life-cycle and business process management.

The National Manufacturing Conference provides a platform for delegates to hear from inspirational speakers and share best practice. Along with its stand, Konica Minolta’s Dr Bahadur Ibrahimov, Head of Manufacturing & Robotics, will be appearing as a guest speaker, delivering a presentation that will examine how Digital Transformation solutions are already evolving the manufacturing sector and the opportunities and benefits they offer. 
Konica Minolta’s Video Solution Services combine Mobotix’s state of the art camera technology with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) making it perfect for visual quality inspection as well as safety (checking for potential fires) and security (monitoring for unusual behaviour or unexpectedly missing items) at manufacturing facilities. This includes checking for defects or anomalies such as the contamination of boxes on a production line, and alerting the management team so action can be taken, or even directly instructing the automated line to separate the affected items – raising quality and boosting efficiency by avoiding unnecessary stoppages. These visual inspection solutions are perfectly placed to help tackle production wastage or the loss of customers through quality issues, along with preventing potential injury and the theft of products or machinery.  
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“The Make UK National Manufacturing Conference is the perfect opportunity to meet our team and to learn more about how Digital Transformation can give you a definitive edge over your competitors and enable your business to reach its full potential. Our VSS solutions provide greater automation and accuracy or quality monitoring, whilst the CoboVox voice programming ensures that cobots can be more effectively and easily used in production with greater flexibility to meet their tasks. Our Managed Content Services also ensure that Backoffice operations are well organised and that your invaluable data does its job. Visit the Konica Minolta stand to learn how these technologies can revitalise and strengthen your manufacturing business.”

Mark Hambly

VSS Lead Consultant at Konica Minolta

The Konica Minolta CoboVox team will also be appearing on the Konica Minolta stand to illustrate its powerful yet simple to use voice-controlled programming and control application for collaborative robots. Fast, intuitive, and easy to set up, CoboVox enables anyone to programme the cobot using natural and simple voice commands (with no expert knowledge required), making it perfect for manufacturers looking to rapidly change or update tasks in a busy production facility.    
Konica Minolta’s cutting-edge professional print solutions provides manufacturers with the ability to harness high quality cost-efficient digital label and packaging solutions that incorporate the very latest embellishment techniques, customised short-run box printing, the ability to print on a wide range of folding carton and corrugated media and more. 
Managed Content Services from Konica Minolta transform the way businesses create, manage, use, and optimise data content across its full lifecycle, within the organisation and externally with customers. This helps manufacturers to identify and solve business problems that prevent efficiency and productivity gains, refining and managing processes effectively. Encapsulating document and information management, this aids internal collaboration and tackles ‘information chaos’ caused by having various silos of information or unstructured data. 
For more information on the Make UK National Manufacturing Conference and to book tickets please visit: www.makeuk.org/news-and-events/events/national-manufacturing-conference/2024 


For further details on Konica Minolta’s Digital Transformation solutions for Manufacturing, please visit: www.konicaminolta.co.uk/en-gb/manufacturing-technology 



Graham Thatcher

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