Konica Minolta becomes one of four M-Files Certified Delivery Partners in the UK

London, UK | 22 February 2023

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd today announces it is now one of four organisations in the UK (and only 102 globally) to be an M-Files Certified Delivery Partner. The company has also expanded its M-Files certified team.

M-Files’ innovative metadata-driven document management enables authorised users to instantly find the right information in any context, to automate business processes, and enforce information control. This provides businesses with a competitive advantage and substantial ROI as they deliver superior customer experiences and higher-⁠quality work with lower risk. 
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Konica Minolta has been working closely with M-Files’ engineers for some time. Now, with full status as an M-Files Certified Delivery partner, we have the ability to fully design, build and deliver M-Files solutions using our own team in-house. This makes the process even more efficient and timely, whilst maintaining customer confidence that solutions are being properly installed, integrated, and fine-tuned to full M-Files standards.

Richard Hood

olution Delivery Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd

As an M-Files Certified Delivery Partner, Konica Minolta’s team of engineers (including newly certified Thomas Clee and James Kelly) can expertly capture a customer’s process requirements then fully design and implement and support the entire solution, covering the whole process from beginning to end as an officially trained and tested provider.  

Richard added, “We are very proud of Thomas and James for all the hard work they have put in to gain their certification, which has involved a considerable amount of tuition, training, and assessment. Konica Minolta is dedicated to supporting our people as they increase and enhance their skillset, to reach their full potential. Along with Jamie’s considerable experience and expertise, we have now reached the next level of M-Files competence and ability, but we are continuing to enhance our team and their skills. This obviously benefits our customers and Konica Minolta as a business, as well as the team members themselves who have worked hard to demonstrate their abilities with this well-deserved accreditation.” 



Graham Thatcher

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