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Simplify your business with the power of OneRate

Our new simple full-service print package will make complex and unpredictable print costs a thing of the past. 

Is your business struggling with lack of transparency around print expenditure and unpredictable costs for printing? Are separate invoices for print hardware and printing from different suppliers taking time and resources to resolve? We understand print charges can vary, but if you’re ready to put a stop to all these uncertainties, take a look at OneRate. Get one monthly charge for print usage and say goodbye to costs per print and hidden charges. With OneRate you select one of our latest i-Series devices which offers improved usability, print speeds and reliability.  Plus access to Remote Support, training, automated consumables and security features for peace of mind.

Efficient and accurate

One monthly charge, for print, hardware, consumables and support. Receive automated consumables, technical maintenance, remote support, firmware updates and security.

Simple and predictable billing

Cost per print and hidden charges are a thing of the past with OneRate’s single, inclusive monthly invoice.

Improved transparency

OneRate means predictable expenditure and resource planning, with no need for monthly meter reads.


A new way to pay and manage your print costs

We’ve created the OneRate package to change the way you budget your printing — and give you predictable costs each and every month. Get OneRate in 3 simple steps

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If you’re ready to say goodbye to the hassle of multiple invoices, contact us to find out more about OneRate.

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