Motioncutter 23

  • High-speed, high-efficiency cutting via a three axis laser unit and 40 mpm transfer system with a maximum paper format of 585x750mm
  • Half cutting of media using ultra-fine laser adjustment based on material type and thickness
  • Variable cutting of items such as names from text information utilizing the NameCut™ feature
  • Prevention of dust circulation and scorching thanks to a transfer belt with a moistened surface (patent pending)
  • Engraving of images and items with gradations onto thicker media such as cardboard and wood



Key features

Motioncutter 23 is a very compact digital high-speed laser system that cuts, kiss-cuts, engraves and perforates sheet fed substrates. It can be use with paper or carton board for a range of applications that need intricate, short-run, die less cutting. Every sheet can be personalised using the Namecut feature in the included software.

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    The range of possibilities is infinite and goes from simple technical cuts to complex filigree ornaments.
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    Kiss cut

    Precise laser control allows cutting only the first layer of an adhesive without marking the backing paper.
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    Remove print and coatings to create stunning visual effects. Use on thicker materials to make them stand out and come alive.
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    Keep the integrity of your print as the laser creases don't break the paper fibers on folding. Excellent for prototyping or even long runs.
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    From Micro-perforation up to holding points: Choose the right perforation that fits perfect to the substrate and your demands.
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    Cut names or any other personalized data out of a CSV-file or QR-Code and reach people in a very personal and emotional way.

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Laser source CO2 sealed-off, 400 Watt, 10,6 μm wavelength
Mirror system 50 mm aperture for fine spot diameter about 220 micron,
Positioning speed up to 11.000 mm/s
Working area Width 512 mm, length up to 4.000 mm
Cooling Chiller with closed water circuit
Belt system Patented (PCT) metal mesh belt, transport speed 0 – 45 m/min
Feeder Pile feeder for dimension A4 up to 530 x 750 mm (585x750 will be available)
Extraction Built in turbo fan system leading directly to the outside
Power 3 Phases  4 Wires 400V secured to 32 Amps,
Average power consumption 8 kW/h
Safety Standard Class 1 laser system, IEC EN 60825-1:2014 compliant, FDA compliant
Connection 24“ Touch PC with Windows 10 embedded
Software Streamlined User Interface with hot folder workflow
Data format SVG from graphic software (ex. Adobe Illustrator)

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