Inclusion and Diversity at Konica Minolta

Employee diversity as source for innovation and success

One of Konica Minolta’s strengths as a global company is employees of different national origins, beliefs, cultures, languages, genders, ages and expertise work together in regions all over the world.

It is this diversity that leads to innovative thinking and original ideas, thus generating new value that helps provide solutions for customers and society. This kind of value creation embodies our company value “Inclusive and Collaborative”.

Konica Minolta strives to live up to this value, respecting diversity and promoting inclusion and belonging to create value that leads to progress for individuals, customers, and society.

To ensure that different voices can influence how we work within the UK we have various Employee Networks. They help to shape our inclusive culture and ensure we deliver an employee centric and proactive approach to inclusion and diversity.  

Balance- Our Women’s Network

In 2015 Konica Minolta UK set up its Women’s Network- Balance. The network provides a trusted environment that celebrates difference, delivers value and changes perceptions within the business and the industry.
Working with partners internally and externally the network has delivered events, networking, community support, inclusive language, allyship, mentoring, policy change and personal development all focused on empowering women and driving inclusion and equity and providing a safe space for people to connect and share their experiences.

Vibrant- Our LGBTQ+ Network

Vibrant, our LGBTQ+ Network was launched in 2020 to focus on raising awareness, challenging behaviours and stigmas and driving an inclusive culture at Konica Minolta. At the heart of Vibrant’s strategy is a clear focus on wellbeing, education and networking and providing a safe space for people to connect and share their experiences.

Through promoting the power of allies and fostering an inclusive approach towards language, the network has helped to shift perceptions and behaviours, not only in the UK but also across Europe.

Breathe- Our Wellbeing Network

Breathe has been created to put our people at the heart of our wellbeing strategy and to help promote healthy and positive wellbeing across the 4 main areas of wellbeing – Mental, Physical, Social and Environmental.
Supporting the delivery of our Wellbeing Strategy, Breathe will help to share the importance of all aspects of wellbeing and take an employee centric and proactive approach, as well as offer a safe space to have conversations, break down stigmas and drive change.