bizhub Refreshed: towards more sustainable printing


Save resources with reliable refurbished multifunctional printers

For organisations that want to reduce their environmental impact, investing in more sustainable technology is a critical step. You're doubtless familiar with the concept of refurbished smartphones, but have you considered other refurbished office devices?

Reconditioned and second-hand multifunctional printers (MFPs) can be a great choice — and can also help you save on price. But you need to be certain that refurbished MFPs will be reliable and able to keep pace with business demands. With our bizhub Refreshed programme, you get refurbished bizhub multifunctional printers you can count on. The programme is part of our Circular Economy approach to sustainability, which is based on the strategies of reducing, reusing and recycling.

No compromise on performance and quality

Our refurbished MFP combine resource and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission savings with the high performance and output quality you expect from Konica Minolta. A bizhub Refreshed device offers savings of at least 70% in GHG emissions (depending on the device) compared with production of a new device*.

What's more, bizhub Refreshed offers refurbished machines at a lower price than equivalent new office devices — so you also benefit from increased control over your technology budget.

How it works

bizhub Refreshed assures a standardised refurbishment process across our European business that puts carefully assessed pre-used bizhub devices back into service.

Refurbishment includes:
  • Cleaning
  • Security and firmware updates
  • Data removal for GDPR compliance
  • Safety checks
  • Component replacement (if needed) using original Konica Minolta parts
Following final quality checks — including printing, scanner and copier tests — refurbished multi-function printers receive the 'bizhub Refreshed' label, which confirms they offer the same performance and quality levels as comparable new devices.

Your benefits

The rigorous standards applied throughout the bizhub Refreshed programme give you peace of mind about the performance and output quality of your refurbished MFP, while helping to reduce waste and protect resources through increased reuse. We can help you roll out the right balance of new and refurbished MFPs into your fleet to meet varying print needs across your organisation, as well as align with any mandates on pre-used device volumes. 


Affordable, as-new bizhub multifunctional printers (MFPs)

Resource and GHG savings compared with new device production

Reliable performance and high-quality output

Consistent Europe-wide refurbishment process

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*The figures are based on assumptions and follow the "Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard" (GHG Protocol), carried out by ClimatePartner

Sounds promising? It is.

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