Product Life Cycle & Supply Chain


Konica Minolta is committed to reducing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle

From planning and development to procurement and production to distribution, sales, service, collection and recycling. All stages of the product lifecycle are carefully monitored using an analysis of:
  • general input and output
  • energy and resource efficiency
  • recycling and waste prevention
Ensuring they are compliant with all relevant environmental and safety regulations.


Konica Minolta is committed to sustainability throughout the supply chain

We are committed to meeting the responsibilities in terms of the immediate environmental impact of our own products and services. But we are also committed to sustainability along the supply chain, based on relationships of trust with our suppliers.

We require our business partners to consider labour issues (human rights), ethics, the environment, safety and health in their business operations. Konica Minolta Group is also taking steps to address conflict mineral issues. By seeking to prevent violations of human rights in conflict areas where mineral resources used in products are sourced.