Energy Efficiency & Climate Protection


Konica Minolta's office devices can be programmed to consume energy as efficiently as possible. Customers also benefit from system settings reducing their environmental impact further still.
  1. Power control & sleep mode. Three power-saving modes; the most efficient of these, "ErP mode", is compliant with the European Ecodesign Directive. When in this mode, the system can only be reactivated if it has been programmed in the weekly timer or once the Power Save button has been used again.
  2. Time & calendar function. Manual definition when the printing system has to go into low power or sleep mode.
  3. Dynamic ECO timer. Intelligent automatic setting of low power or sleep mode as the office system adapts this from actual usage, based on a four-week analysis.
  4. ECO Scan. Short scan time and no activation of fixing heater.
  5. ECO Print. Control panel is not activated automatically if a print job comes on when the system is in sleep mode; power is only provided to the parts required, thereby minimising unnecessary power consumption.
  6. ECO Settings. Reduces display lighting.
  7. Easy set/Job program. Pre-programming of ECO system settings and functions.
  8. ECO Meter. Visualisation of individual contributions to the environment by displaying toner, paper and CO2 consumption, creating environmental awareness amongst individual staff.
  9. My Tab. Brings together eco-friendly features needed frequently in a single screen.
  10. Remote Care. Device maintenance and user support service identifying technical problems Konica Minolta can resolve remotely without sending service technicians out on the road.


Konica Minolta's office devices use technology that enables our customers to benefit from low energy consumption, reducing their environmental impact further still:
  1. Energy efficient toner. Konica Minolta's Simitri HD polymerised toner, used in both Office and Production Printing, has a markedly lower environmental impact during its production, use and recycling than conventional pulverised toner, because the toner fuses at a lower temperature.
  2. Energy-efficient scanner light. The scanner's light source has been changed from conventional fluorescent lighting to LED, which no longer contains mercury. Customers benefit from power savings and low heat performance, while brightness and scanning speed are increased.
  3. Low TEC value. Konica Minolta's office products have especially low TEC values; these represent a product's typical weekly electricity consumption (TEC), based on average office use as defined in the ENERGY STAR programme.
  4. Induction heating fusing technology: Significantly reduces energy consumption, as the temperature needed for fusing is reached much faster, and can be precisely controlled.
  5. Ozone-free roller charging: High-resolution output is possible over long periods, while suppressing ozone generation.


Our global target to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% has already reached 49%. This has been achievedby reducing the amount of CO2 produced during product usage by 79% between 2005 and 2016.